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Kanye West has a meltdown in the TMZ offices, calls slavery a choice, admits to an opiate addiction and plastic surgery.

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Kanye West‘s visit to TMZ Live on May 1 took a disturbing turn when he started talking about slavery in the middle of a discussion about free thought. Apparently, Kanye believes that black people had a choice when they were torn from their homes, brought to America, and forced into hundreds of years of slavery. His strange statement sucked the breath out of the TMZ newsroom, and at least one staffer, Van Lathan, stood up to him when he was done.

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Kanye West Claims Slavery Was A Choice & Reveals Pill Addiction VIDEO | Hollywoodlife



26 thoughts on “Kanye West TMZ Meltdown Unedited Footage Revealed | Hollywoodlife

  1. Kanye: "Slavery is a choice"
    Me: "Ok so do we have to fill out a form to be one?"
    Kanye: "Oh so you want to be a slave?"
    Me: "nah nah nah I'm filling one out for you."
    Kanye: "Uh why?"
    Me: "Because I want you to feel how the definition of struggle is not basic."
    Kanye: "I never said it was basic."
    Me: "But you THINK LIFE is basic ;-;."

  2. Why don't you guys run something different. Like he we go again another break down to keep his name in the media. An keep the biggest slob going Kim. In the media. And her mother. So why don't we just give these people a break an not give them any air time. Because we don't give to shit about this looser. An his wife family.

  3. This channel is so entertaining! It deserves so much more love and subs and views! I am up to date on everything because of Ali. Thank you! (great video; super entertaining)

  4. He's such an idiot. "I'm taking 7 pills when I was taking 2"…..AAAMMM does it matter to you what kind of pills and what they're being prescribed for???…..UMMM no I'm down to once a month. Why do individuals get to be this dumb and famous, are we losing it as a society? I say, yes. The Kardashians are our royal family and Kanye is our MLK, we are screwed, thank God for my Jamaican grandmother.

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