Karen Huger And Candiace Dillard Dish On All Things #RHOP | RHOP | WWHL

During a speed round of questions about key #RHOP issues, Housewives Karen Huger and Candiace Dillard talk about everything from Candiace calling out her husband’s penis to Karen’s current financial status.
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Karen Huger And Candiace Dillard Dish On All Things #RHOP | RHOP | WWHL



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22 thoughts on “Karen Huger And Candiace Dillard Dish On All Things #RHOP | RHOP | WWHL

  1. I think Candace is coming in a little too strong for Andy's liking he's use to them being hazed and shriveling in the first season then turning into the bad girl in season 2 or coming out of their shell I should say. Lol

  2. The “little girl” is saying that Gizelle has too much time on her hands & that she’s bored but Gizelle is raising 3 kids, has a book, has a makeup line coming to Target, & is also an OG on this show. Yet, she has to go around talking about what her mother pays for at 31 yrs old. 🤔 Seems like she’s the one with too much time on her hands. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. Since they file separately Karen isn't responsible for his tax obligation. However, all combined assets can be levied which is why they now rent their home and cars.

  4. Candace injected herself in to every answer Karen would give, I was annoyed so I imagine Karen was too. I like the idea of Candace on the show but she is phony which will be her downfall.

  5. Every time I see the spelling of "Candiace" with the oddly placed letter "i," I can't help but pronounce the name as "Candyass."

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