RHOP: Karen Huger Sent Ashley Darby A Cease And Desist Order (Season 3, Episode 21) | Bravo

“I will sue you.” Find out what Karen is willing to take Ashley to court over now.
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As the circle of life continues and a new season begins, Gizelle is in the hot seat yet again for putting Charrisse’s troubled marriage out there for all of Potomac to judge. While Charrisse focuses on her kids and struggles to accept her new normal, single-and-always-ready-to-mingle, Gizelle sees sparks fly when a man from her past returns. With both her kids out of the house, Karen plans to upgrade to a bigger home. But Ray wants to downsize, and the queen of Potomac’s high standards put a strain on their search. Ashley’s Oz Restaurant and Bar is open for business, but the challenges of making it a success take a toll on her marriage and her baby plans. Also, Robyn and Juan’s financial hardships have forced them to move farther away from the ladies and lean more on each other. As the two adjust to their new life, Robyn must decide if she is finally ready to let Juan back into her heart. Outspoken Monique who is married to a former star athlete, joins the ladies this season and ruffles some feathers with her upscale lifestyle.

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RHOP: Karen Huger Sent Ashley Darby A Cease And Desist Order (Season 3, Episode 21) | Bravo


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25 thoughts on “RHOP: Karen Huger Sent Ashley Darby A Cease And Desist Order (Season 3, Episode 21) | Bravo

  1. Ashley mad bcuz her marriage is Sinking, she has to find ways for the Spot-Light not to be on her. MESSY-ASHLEY… 🤦🏽‍♀️Girl-Bye…

  2. I don't understand why Ashley soooooo concerned with Karen and who she may or may not be fuck??? Its like she wanna point out the cracks in Karen life so no one notices that her husband don't want her and her mama just wants to use her.

  3. Ashley needs to focus on what she’s gonna Do when messy queen Michael leave her for a man!

  4. Andy has gotten into Ashley’s head. Don’t think we don’t know you’re out to get Karen as the powerful woman on the show Andy. You stay bringing women of color down only to propel your white privilege.. in this case extended to Ashley only because of Gay michael. Andy you’ll fall and your fall will he glorious to watch.

  5. I'm believing Ashley making up mess as she go along!. She's going on hear say,of what someone else said without facts checking!.little dumb blond.I can't wait for the shoe to fall on the other foot! aka Ashley I don't know why I keep feeling like this is a page from rhoa , when Kenya accused Phaedra of cheating with Mr chocolate!

  6. Ashley likes to focus on everyone else’s business so she can ignore her miserable life.

  7. I think Ashley's brain stopped developing at age 12. And did that side of the couch have the same makeup artist? It's too dark and heavy whereas Karen's side of the couch looks much better.

  8. Women sometimes cheat with men that know their husbands 😂 what exactly does that prove Ray?

  9. The Hugers teeming up to end the Darbys ! Damn their mariage IS an institution !

  10. If i act like that at 60 i want friends or family to institutionalize me ! So fucking petty ! Karen was going through a lot and people wanted to poke fun and continue to run their mouths instead of focusing on their own tragic lives ! Pathetic! Like what does it bring to you? Does it make ur life better? Go get a fucking hobby … sad !

  11. I'm going to keep commenting on how Andy is messy is hell and doesn't do this shit to the white real housewives reunions only ATL and this one. Like he is chosing sides and is picking on Karen with Gizelle and Ashely and Robin

  12. Ashley, if Michael's son really saw this where is the evidence? How is this person a reliable source, we don't know this fool. "Why you always lying why you always lying, stop freaking lying". LMAO.. I believe Karen over Ashley any day. See Ashley enjoys spreading gossip that turn out to be fiction.

  13. Something is seriously wrong with Ashley.. You can believe your sources but not Karen. Honestly. I don't think she has sources. I believe she's just sitting here miserable self around making most of that stuff up then spread it. She needs a life seriously. She's so delusional..

  14. Will someone punch Ashley in her mouth already??? This miserable chick is driving me insane!!

  15. The joy on Ashley's face and the look in her eyes when she gets to tell someones business or the entitlement in her voice she has when she demands you answer her and tell her your business is scary!

  16. Ashley is sooooooooo annoying. She better stop coming for Karen and focus on her marriage.

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