Kathy Griffin On Being Blacklisted, Les Moonves, Donald Trump and Her Comeback [Interview]

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25 thoughts on “Kathy Griffin On Being Blacklisted, Les Moonves, Donald Trump and Her Comeback [Interview]

  1. how do you blindly support someone to the point you're sending death threats to the elderly and sick

  2. A lot of fake ass people in Hollywood. That chick Julie Chenn is your typical Asian. No backbone at all.

  3. 53:00 she speaking straight facts. And I love the fact thats it's coming out of the mouth of a white women.

  4. Kudos to all three if you for that awesome interview. Your interaction with Kathy so genuine. Also, prayers are going up for Kathy in every area 🙏🏽. . I pray many doors are opened for you all @ The Breakfast Club 😍🙌🏽❤️❤️❤️

  5. She just broke down without specifically saying that if you don't go with the flow they black ball you. Let that sink in… like really let that sink in.

  6. I see that they didn't bring up about how Kathy Griffin called Kevin Hart a p****, for not "toeing the line".

    She is right about TMZ, though.

  7. Shes one of us…trying to stay alive and paid…we are all hustlers. Hard to hate the girl.. Good interview

  8. Dude Kathy was not playing, she called people's full government names and everything. She gives zero Fucks!

    YOU DAM SURE WILL SEE WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE…then you stand alone…it's not the following it's who stands with you for GOOD….peace unto Kathy!
    I love a bold women…but when we speak….THEY CALL US LOUD AND GHETTO

  10. She WHITE and she's actually FUNNY..Can she get some applause frfr because most are not lol😂

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