Katie Couric And Geraldo Rivera’s Thoughts On Michelle Wolf | WWHL

Katie Couric And Geraldo Rivera’s Thoughts On Michelle Wolf | WWHL

Reporters Katie Couric and Geraldo Rivera are asked what they thought about Michelle Wolf’s jokes at the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner and if they think she took it too far.
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Katie Couric And Geraldo Rivera’s Thoughts On Michelle Wolf | WWHL



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20 thoughts on “Katie Couric And Geraldo Rivera’s Thoughts On Michelle Wolf | WWHL

  1. Michelle Wolfe did a fantastic job. It’s a roast. Why are people such babies? If you don’t want to be made fun of, don’t do shit that people can make fun of you for.

  2. Oh Hollywoody press association types. Can't take a joke against their friends and potential sponsors. Humour is humour. Nothing is so sacred it can't be laughed about.

  3. That question was not by chance. I watch this show 4 entertainment not politics! Stop the BS!
    We get it Andy U hate Trump! I don't care!!

  4. Now that the dust has settled, it's common knowledge that this Michello c*nt (whoever the hell she is) bombed. Even the (scumbag) libs have conceded to the fact that the entire event was a major gift to Trump's base and they're just going to have to live with that.

  5. Michelles’ act is out there for all to see, they hired her knowing the kind of comedy she does. Don’t shame this woman for doing what she was hired to do what did you expect? Did they watch any of her hundreds of hours of content on YouTube before hiring her??

  6. Shut up Geraldo. Huckab$tch-Sanddog is an offence to the word Democracy. She demeans reporters in a thoroughly unconstitutional manner during White House press briefings ffs. The woman is a bold faced liar.
    She is an offence to all journalists as well as the words truth and integrity(she has none). She doesn't even deserve to work at the tragically infamous Tennessee Waffle House as a dish washer!

  7. Sorry, on this program, I need a RHO or Bravo related person! I don't care how "boring" some may find the season! If I wanted to watch the news…………………..I wouldn't want to watch WWHL?

  8. Geraldo is such a douchebag. Michelle did what she was paid to do, ROAST. It isn't a party for Sanders and she was a fair target, smoky eye and all.

  9. Am I on glue? Has the world go insane? How does a joke about Sarah Huckabee being one off the great liars of all time get spinned into an appearance joke? Maybe Geraldo took one too many chairs in the face but Katie agreeing is sad to hear. Thought she would have more backbone.

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