Kendall Jenner Is Obsessed with Kardashian Super Fan Millie Bobby Brown

Kendall Jenner Is Obsessed with Kardashian Super Fan Millie Bobby Brown

Kendall Jenner chats about Season 15 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the group chats her siblings create to talk behind each other’s backs, and she sends a special shout-out to Kardashian super fan and Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown.

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Kendall Jenner Is Obsessed with Kardashian Super Fan Millie Bobby Brown


25 responses to “Kendall Jenner Is Obsessed with Kardashian Super Fan Millie Bobby Brown”

  1. Karolina Neskovic Avatar
    Karolina Neskovic

    Beautiful but skinny.

  2. just imagine millie opening youtube and seeing that title omg i would die

  3. Her outfit aint even that bad yall extra

  4. She is not Kardashian

  5. You are hot

  6. The most talented Kardashian.. and also the mos beautiful.. love her

  7. I love how everyone gave shit to Kylie for getting her lips done but Kendall so obviously did them too

  8. That outfit.. Lol.

  9. Her lips 🤢

  10. Okur is from alaska thundefuck imitating laganja estranja. Just so you know.

  11. i would criticize her appearance, but then again i would also kill to have faces like hers.

  12. boring

  13. Remember when Kendall said to Kylie her lips are too big and unnatural. Lmao look at her now

  14. Wow what's up with the nose contour??

  15. okrrrr

  16. Despoina Polyviou Avatar
    Despoina Polyviou

    Kendall is so precious. I love her

  17. This dumb bitch and her family should not have a platform. Lock them all in a shed and light a match

  18. Is she still vacationing from modeling?

  19. I hate when ppl compare her to her sisters. They are all different in many ways. I like her though but I can’t lie Kim’s my fav. Sorry I refuse to consider someone my fav just cause they’re the least dramatic. Honey I love drama.

  20. Ufff 2018 still kardashians just boring family to watch

  21. She looks like deepika padukone here. Wow!

  22. Jimmy is such a fucking kiss ass it's disgusting to watch him interview anyone.

  23. I don't wanna sound rude, everybody in the comment section is complain about what she is wearing…honestly it doesn't bother me that much, I mean she is American…they always dress like shit ahaha

  24. The Kardashian’s are never going to go away! Lol

  25. “She has no personality”. She’s so bubbly and fun, y’all needa pipe down and let the girl live for a bit

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