Kevin Durant’s mom checks out Rock & Roll Hall of Fame | Hang Time with Sam Alipour | ESPN

Kevin Durant's mom checks out Rock & Roll Hall of Fame | Hang Time with Sam Alipour | ESPN

Mama Durant and Sam Alipour head to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and talk about Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant’s success.

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20 responses to “Kevin Durant’s mom checks out Rock & Roll Hall of Fame | Hang Time with Sam Alipour | ESPN”

  1. Momma Snake 🐍! How it feels to raise a traitor? 🐍

  2. KDs need to put his momma on the workout/diet plan

  3. Thumbs downing the mom because of the son? Real mature.

  4. lmfao it's sad that things get better ehen his mom comes around? man please it's stressful because they always want something and living off your son isn't really a championship move let's not be crazy. damn

  5. Who The hell goes to the Rock and Roll hall of fame to cry? Lol

  6. What does this even have to do with basketball or even sports?

  7. She has the face of a pug and the soul of a snake..

  8. im sick of her. go find a boyfriend and a gym membership. He said you were the real mvp. now let your son shine. Its time for you to stop looking at your kids as your man. get a life and enjoy your life.


  10. Seriously why tf is ESPN so obsessed with black athletes moms. I'm sick of them always referring to them as Mama as if this is the fucking south and its the 40s.

  11. His mother can bench press more than him

  12. Who cares about the snakes mom

  13. Making a name off her son smh her and Draymonds mom.

  14. Golden state brought out the best in KD and under westbrooks control!!! Look at it from that perspective!!! As much as we despise the move he made you have to those things into consideration!!

  15. Ok let's involved in media every mom of famous athlete i don't even get it why they have media space at all.
    KD love him but joining GSW i mean he was mvp of the finals but still GSW was already strong as hell ok he won a ring but Javal won it too i mean was easy. He's ring will really worth it if he goes to Portland or Utah smth like that i mean joining GSW is a joke

  16. Mama D lookin like she having an allergic reaction to bee stings

  17. Moma Durant is a beautiful woman with a talented son.

  18. Wow espn you are pathetic fuck kd and his mom

  19. This comment section is so disrespectful. It’s disheartening at times when there’s absolutely no meaningful comments on any #ESPN upload just troll after troll after troll…this is getting out of 🤚

  20. You're son is a snake which makes Mama D a snake cuz you the reason he was born. Which snake are you, a Garden or a rattlesnake?

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