Kevin Hart: Betrayed By Close Friend | TMZ Live

Kevin Hart once had a fun guys’ night out on the town with J.T. “Action” Jackson — the guy charged with extorting Kevin in the sex tape case — and a TMZ photog captured the whole hilarious scene.


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I have a passion for blogging about what's trending in Hip Hop, R&B, and Celebrity Entertainment. I'm a huge sports fan; my favorite teams are The NY Knicks & NY Jets. I also enjoy spending time with family, and working hard as hard work pays off.

49 thoughts on “Kevin Hart: Betrayed By Close Friend | TMZ Live

  1. All these people commenting on this saying he's a cheater so they don't feel sorry for him. Ok yes he cheated but at the same time it's his friend that he put on. He had no loyalty to any of Kevin Hart's Wives he had loyalty to Kevin. I don't care what y'all say that's fucked up. As a friend you're supposed to have your friend's back RIGHT or WRONG. Then afterwards if u feel some type of way about it tell them about themselves in PRIVATE. Where the fuck is the loyalty now a day's SMFH. 🤦

  2. No such thing as friends these days ..focus on your family ppl ..🤘🏾..wait hold on is that c snacks from daym drops 🤔🤔🤔

  3. Alot of times it is the ones closest too you. My oldest sister, my own blood sister betrayed me…smh. I only trust God fully these days😊

  4. Kevin is the cheater who cares who told on him cheating on his wife was wrong he got caught doing wrong in his life don't do things wrong and you don't get caught

  5. It’s sad because you want yo take your friends with you when you’ve made it but some ppl are so fucking jealous when all you want to do is bring with you….it’s sad

  6. Kevin hart betrayed his first wife for his mistress so karma is a bitch. Treat people how you want to be treated.His mistress/new wife deserve to get cheated on😂 Don't hate the game hate the player? Its not funny when the shoe on your foot.

  7. kevin hart has a f*cked up friend, but you attract who you are in friends and in love. is everybody forgetting that when kevin engaged sexually with some random that his wife was pregnant? cheating on your wife is not an act that produces good karma.

  8. That guy looked shady from the start. I feel like it's easy for me to see that type of shit. I keep my friends few and willing to break away from anyone that displays shady behavior.

  9. Why do Harvey always interrupt this dude? You can clearly tell he gets so annoyed with Harvey. Harvey stfu and listen wait to respond.

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