Kevin Hart’s Extortionist Revealed To Be A Close Friend

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41 thoughts on “Kevin Hart’s Extortionist Revealed To Be A Close Friend

  1. HAHAHAHA! A two-time backstabbing cheater gets betrayed and backstabbed by his own friend? Lol! He brought it on himself. Oh well. Karma. 😂😂😂

  2. Lol. Kevin is hurt but I'm sure his wife was also hurt when he was cheating on her. Gtfoh. I don't feel bad for Kevin at all. Birds of a feather flock together.


  4. Wait a minute timeout…

    is there an actual sextape but Kevin Hart intercepted him before actually putting it out there…?

    I don't understand let me watch this video again…

  5. Kevin Hard wasn't fucking around when he said in his last Breakfast Club interview that authorities were looking into the matter… Lol

  6. While Kev was tryin to get one over on the women in his life, it was his man tryin to get one over on him. His loyalty was misplaced so karma kicked his ass.

  7. 17million!? Only. Some one who loved you would try to hurt you that bad, he should of asked for. 2 or 3 million. He might of got it

  8. My dad always told me as a young kid "You have no friends, you have associates, it's no such thing as a friend." And he's right, I realized that now as a grown adult. You can look at kevin's friend and tell he's a snake, he looks like a backstabber

  9. This so-called friend is trash. But Kevin Hart is just getting a taste of his own medicine. His friend did to him what he's done to Both of his wives, which is pretend to be loyal then commit betrayal.

  10. You can NOT tell me that there were NO red flags that this Jackson dude was a secret hater. I had a home girl who since Day 1 had been doing lil tiny little shady things over our 10 years of knowing each other. There were times where I quit hanging out with her when she would do something a little shady and then she would give me space and then pop up and call me and got back cool with me my FINAL straw was this past Christmas when she showed her ass at my house and I feel like she was hating because the man she's been fucking around with was not spending the holidays with her. She would say little rude things about my girlfriend when I KNOW it's ONLY because I have a decent committed relationship with a partner whose focus is on building a life with me. I decided that I am DONE with her. I always felt like the MORE successful I get the MORE I would have to watch her. I am glad I got rid of her because I KNOW without a shadow of doubt she would have tried to do something negative or shady to me or my girlfriend. It's a shame that we help a person and help a person but the old folks had a saying about a snake and I am a witness to it….Do NOT have people around YOU that are hungrier than YOU, they will ALWAYS be looking for a opportunity to take you down. Look how thirsty this Jackson dude and the hoe that was in the video were, they ONLY had 1 grainy 2 second lame ass video, neither 1 of them thought the plan out and I HOPE Kevin shows up to court and does not DISMISS the charges, it's scary to think how these thirsty ass people did NOT care about the pregnant wife, Kevin's kids, they wanted Kevin to LOSE. Thank Gah for modern technology, great detectives and KARMA!! Ya'll DO remember T.K. Kirkland right? back in the day with all them 90's celebrities he was stealing from? And look where HE is today….telling his sad story to DJ Vlad…and he STILL broke. TRUST is equal to GOLD. Look at Oprah's hairdresser he was with Oprah for decades and NOW he has his OWN hair care line, look at Gayle, it is SO MUCH Better to STAY a True friend You will be so much better off!

  11. It's still Hart in the video is it not? Why is the extortionist bigger than the adulterer? And Kevin's mind is blown? Please. Betrayed by a friend sure but betrayed your woman. What else has he done that wasn't recorded? You've got to ask. How many people has Hart paid off? Y'all get upset when its trump but not Kevin? You also excuse bill. He was president and in the oval office and you didn't care. Trump wasn't even president at the time.

  12. This is not the donkey of the day it’s just you gotta keep your eyes and ears open to who you bring around your circle plain and simple. Plus I’m pretty sure there’s more to this story weather he envy him or something else but stay wise focus out there and keep a small circle and keep your trust in GOD.

  13. This is the guy from those throwback "Bacardi & Cola" commercials! He's been in hundreds of commercials. He's what you call a "known unknown". Well, he's infamous now!

  14. Kevin shouldn’t be cheating in the first place if you never put yourself in that situation you never would have been set up Kevin..two wrongs don’t make a right he a false friend and Kevin a false husband 🙃😑🤔

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