Kevin Hart’s Friend Used Sextape To Extort Him + Rihanna Working On Reggae Album!

Laura Stylez Flashing Lights! Ebro in the Morning:
Rihanna Working On Reggae Album, Has No Relationship w/ Drake
Kevin Hart Extorted By Friend In Sextape Leak Drama
Rudy Guiliani Says Trump Paid Lawyer Back In Stormy Daniels Case; Trump Confirms In Tweets
White House To Host Summits Of Race Relations (Want black celebrities & athletes)


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38 thoughts on “Kevin Hart’s Friend Used Sextape To Extort Him + Rihanna Working On Reggae Album!

  1. Stfu. We still talking about this fool. Smh… LMAO don't be blinded from the truth. It's all a circus… What I'm interested in is what's going on behind the scenes that we can't see…

  2. Y'all can get ready for the next campaign all you want Trump will win. Taxes lower both Koreas came together. Who's gonna do better? Yes you got to do better than Trump policies.

  3. A summit on race with entertainers and athletes? Not politicians, activists, community leaders. Yep PR stunt nothing more. All about the optics for Trump and anyone who was silly enough to attend.

  4. pay attention to how they are shaping the narrative around 1 comment Kanye said but completely disregarding everything else he said. I wouldn’t be surprised he something were to happen to Kanye he said he felt like they were going to kill him (pay attention)

  5. You know what's funny to me? I find it hilarious how everyone is shocked and appalled about Kanye saying off the wall ish..when he has literally done that his ENTIRE career. We actually use to praise him for it. Point I'm making is that Kanye hasn't changed he's just being him. The environment around him has become more sensitive to his "Break throughs" as he would like to call them. Kanye has made a living out of music and controversy and American whether you admit it or not loves him because of it.

  6. Freedom isnt Freedom if there are repercussions.

    So you are saying there is no freedom of speech?

    Either we believe in freedom or we don't and the best test for this is when we don't like what someone else does or says.

  7. What's up with these YouTube titles click baiting on the low? Kevin's heart sex tape and you so happen to put (+ rihanna) and leave out new album until you already click the video.

  8. try what u will freedom of thought & if its about these white people or 1% lefts watever u wana call em not giving us full freedom & stop brainwashing us with the media enslavinv our minds?? its basically a smear campaign against KANYe?? ebro should b ashamed of himself👎👎

  9. EBRO+ROSENBERG = Corporate Tools to spread the NARRATIVE & "CULTURE" amongst the urban demographic. Its called SOCIAL ENGINEERING & SOCIAL CONDITIONING.
    That's percisely what Kanye is talkin about-our reality is dictated for us based on people gobbling up whatever the powers that be put in front of our faces, rather than rejecting it and choosing for ourselves (on a widepread level). This is why people are listening to trash, watching trash, allowing themselves to be dumbed down via these facets, etc. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

  10. Wait what???? Ebro are you a fool. We have freedom of speech for ideas we love and loathe. To sit there and say that because you don't like what someone says so there has to be punitive action is stupid and not how a civil society handles disagreement 🤦🏽‍♂️. My brother we must be compelled to speak the truth and stand on your word. If Kanye was being disrespectful or directly offensive I believe as a man you always must be able to stand on your word and fight for it if it comes down to it.

  11. this whole argument Ebro has is b.s think what you want say what you want you being offended or agreeing is up to you but free speech no matter if it's hate speech or not free speech should not be restricted.

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