Khloe and Tristan Together Again After Cheating Scandal | TMZ

Khloe Kardashian may have buried the hatchet after Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal, because they were out with friends Friday, chatting and laughing.


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I Caught U Slippin

I have a passion for blogging about what's trending in Hip Hop, R&B, and Celebrity Entertainment. I'm a huge sports fan; my favorite teams are The NY Knicks & NY Jets. I also enjoy spending time with family, and working hard as hard work pays off.

43 thoughts on “Khloe and Tristan Together Again After Cheating Scandal | TMZ

  1. Damn how stupid & dumb can Khloe get for real?….She deserves for it to happen again just cause she still there like a fool…Where's her self worth? Its such a shame dats why men who cheat do what they do to women cause they knw they can & they gonna be right there regardless…Hell she may as well sit & watch & video tape it too & join in with them.. Seeing him all on these videos with these women sure hasn't made her leave him…How dare she let a man get away with all that he did to her….Yeah she deserves to be hurt again! Khloe is not strong minded she's dumb founded…

  2. kanye west said slavery, a choice. the los angeles board of supervisors, proclaims April as armenian history month each year. the los angeles Board of supervisors, commemorates, armenian genocide. but slavery was a choice, with no recognition…

  3. I thought she was the strongest Kardashian next to Kim and Kris. Turns out Kim is the stongest women. Seriously Khloe, take Kim's advice.I bet shes giving it so take it!😂. for the love of self respect

  4. After seeing going to call it a scam..the Kardashians are filming there new season right now according to Kris Jenner..what a way to get more people to watch..right?..i swear they are all evil minded money hungry bastards..along with Kanye whos “fake” mental breakdown comes months before his new albums drop…its all interconnected and a conspiracy..i may be wrong..but its all coming together like a puzzle…im over this bullshit!

  5. she really lucky none of those women had HIV or Aids or STD because he was having sex without a condom and he put her and that baby at risk
    but I really don't care if they get back together or not that's her problem not mine whatever he does she's the person who have to deal with it

  6. This woman makes me want to vomit. That's why no man respects her. She criticized Kourtney for wanting to have children with Younes, but Tristan did worse. She should be ashamed to have taken him back. She lost my respect.
    I thought it strange that the Kardashian family had gone back to Calabasas and she had stayed in Cleveland. Now, we know why.

  7. As I know its all fake khloe adapt baby she was not pregnent at all and triston was part of the script and he know that .

  8. She should of stayed with french Montana, he was the only guy who really liked her & wasn’t cheating on her and using her name for fame. All the guys that she was seen on the show with cheated on her. She did 1 heck of a transformation to look this way because she wasn’t even anywhere this pretty before. Her lips are badly done though, other than that her plastic looks fantastic.

  9. He’s going to have to cheat a few more times before she gets on keeping up with the Kardashian’s and boo hoo about sad she is and how she’s done.

  10. It was probably ALL a publicity stunt. The Kardashian’s like being talked about. Whether it’s fame or infamy they WANT the attention. Especially their Mamager Kris.

  11. I don’t think so he wants to go back to her he did purposely and he is texting his side chick and he is not interested to be with her and she should let him go before coming more shades

  12. When my guy cheated on me and I found out, he almost walked on water to prove to me that I was truly the one he wanted to be with, and he was so sorry. I could ask him to do anything, talk to him any kind of way, and he took it, because he was trying to make up for cheating.
    For just a sec, I had the so-called "power/upper hand" I thought, and so I stayed. Needless to say, that shit did not last for long! I finally woke up, stopped trying to be the one that "won" between me and the other female, and I got the hell out!
    This Tristan guy is young, and not ready to be tied down(nothing wrong with that, but he should be honest about it). He probably has her convinced that he is going to pull a "Kobe", never touch another woman, and spend his life making it up to her. Sadly, I can see her going for that at this point, that pain is helluva. Hopefully, he does it, not only because he should, but because he truly wants to. We'll see.

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