Khloe Kardashian Fears Tristan Thompson Leaked Kardashian Secrets While Cheating | Hollywoodlife

Khloe Kardashian Fears Tristan Thompson Leaked Kardashian Secrets While Cheating | Hollywoodlife

Khloe Kardashian fears Tristan Thompson may have leaked Kardashian secrets while cheating. Plus – Khloe blocks people from commenting her photos with Tristan.

Tristan Thompson, 27, had gone radio silent on social media ever since his alleged cheating scandal went down in early April. He finally returned to Instagram on April 29 to break his silence, but used it to celebrate the fact that he finally had a great game in the NBA playoffs, helping his Cleveland Cavaliers move on to the second round with 15 points in a crucial game seven. That means he still yet to publicly address cheating on Khloe Kardashian, 33, and say he’s sorry for causing the new mom so much pain. “While Khloe is happy that Tristan has finally had a great game and really contributed his team, she is sad and disappointed that his return to social media was to promote his own accomplishments rather than to apologize publicly for cheating on her,” a source close to Khloe tells HollywoodLife.comEXCLUSIVELY.

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Khloe Kardashian Fears Tristan Thompson Leaked Kardashian Secrets While Cheating | Hollywoodlife


30 responses to “Khloe Kardashian Fears Tristan Thompson Leaked Kardashian Secrets While Cheating | Hollywoodlife”

  1. i wonder what more secrets she has

  2. 0:52. yeah she isn’t more pissed up just put some salt in the wound

  3. So I figure they r in a open relationship

  4. i really dont think shes going to stay with him. I think hes guilty enough to let her stay at his house and leave her be until she and the baby can get the clear to fly home. SHe has said she appreciates that the paps aren't as bad in clevland so as terrible as it is that shes away from family shes probably relieved she can hide out in the meantime. If anything they are probably trying to figure out how or if they are going to co parent.

  5. Ratings! Plus karma.

  6. Dont blame the baby just cuz u want that D. Pathetic. Thats the reason men cheat. Theres alot of dick in the world n u still choose the 1 that decided that wanted another pussy girl please he can visit her u guys can co parent he sucks as a dad already since he showing wat he wants for her and u damn the things she will b supporting for a man nd the excuses she will b putting to stay wit that man u are not thinking bout her…awsome😑i have a child that i raise on my own nd my child way better than i thought… gtfo

  7. Stop calling her KoKo. Her name's BooBoo, as in Honey Boo Boo

  8. She's worried about him telling everyone about her insecurities ? I'm pretty sure everyone already knows she's very insecure about her looks and about men. She's had so much plastic surgery she doesn't even look like the same person anymore. Aside from that she's always wearing 3 lbs of makeup and can't stop fixing her hair for 2 minutes. As far as men just look at her past relationships … You would think that a new mother that's in her 30s and supposedly has wanted a baby for so long would be more concerned with being a mother than worrying about her young, immature, cheating baby daddy. Smh

  9. Wat bout Jordan did anybody care bout her…

  10. Kylie is the hottest Kardashian like if you to

  11. SECRET did SOMEONE say SECRET. A SECRET IS an untold TRUTH between a trusted with some loyalty that is NEVER discussed. The fakedashins has none. We know how sluty no MORALS VALUES THEY HAVE. I have a SECRET you are a NIGHTMARE WHILE I'm awake. Go AWAY there is NOTHING WHOLESOME ABOUT THESE DEMONS.THEY ARE TALENTLESS.

  12. C'mon doesn't anyone see it? Khloe just want to stick to Tristan because she might be trying to get him back even worse for what he did. She might make him end up giving her millions $$$$. She has the $$$ to raise her daughter by herself so why would she need Tristan? Not because she is in love. She gonna make him pay $$$$ ( hahaha haha evil laugh) lol

  13. I don't like this reporter

  14. I feel bad for her but she does deserve it, getting together with such a shady guy In the first place

  15. You Kardashian whores love attention. What's the problem now….

  16. What secrets everything is always on tv…she looks stupid stsying…quit using your baby as an excuse …crazy how people use there children as an excuse to stay…remember children can feel tension…poor baby

  17. Khloe don't leave Lamar , Imagine with this guy 😑her baby dad.

  18. "Kardashian secrets."? Do these morons think they are the monarchy? You were blessed with big asses and nice cheekbones, stick to sex tapes.

  19. What damn secrets…y'all are whores ….we know

  20. No khloe, you are being judged because how you get them is how you lose them.

  21. Khloé picker is off

  22. If she stays shes an idiot leave his trash bag ass………….

  23. I love her but it’s so annoying how many times she uses “exclusively” 😂😩

  24. First of all, Tristan was not worried nor talking about you or your family while smashing these girls….that was the last thing on his mind. Second, your whole net worth is solely based on you telling everyone your life on camera, social media, etc. Stopped trying to act like NOW you want some privacy. Ya'll wouldnt have gotten anywhere if it wasnt for Kim showing the world her body and sex with Ray J, and thats a shameful way for all these daughters in your family to find out how you got to acquire all this fame and wealth.

  25. I think hes grim, why are all these women interested in him anyway, I wouldnt touch him with a barge pole

  26. 1:27, Kris is looking at Khloe's boobs

  27. That BITCH is stupid!!!!!

  28. Everyone had or have secret so move on Koko forget about this dude. You will find another one. U r still young 😘

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