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Kanye West calls slavery a choice and Kim Kardashian has thoughts. Also, we give a full breakdown of Kanye’s mental health issues and drug addiction.

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Kanye West‘s visit to TMZ Live on May 1 took a disturbing turn when he started talking about slavery in the middle of a discussion about free thought. Apparently, Kanye believes that black people had a choice when they were torn from their homes, brought to America, and forced into hundreds of years of slavery. His strange statement sucked the breath out of the TMZ newsroom, and at least one staffer, Van Lathan, stood up to him when he was done.

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Kim Kardashian Reacts To Kanye West Receiving Gang Threats | Hollywoodlife


46 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Reacts To Kanye West Receiving Gang Threats | Hollywoodlife

  1. I understand what he was trying to say. I get it , but…….. and the world as theropy? the world needs theropy. and how is that working

  2. Kanye is WOKE he sees through the deception. He is one brave person. Anyone who does not see him as a free thinking Super Hero is part of the Matrix.

  3. 1st of all ye has nothing 2 worry about daz has no pull with the crips & 2nd of all the nigga ain't even from Cali so he's looking real fucking stupid right do ya thang yeezy

  4. Kim and her family are trash getting way more attention than he or they deserve!!! Kanye and the whole family are getting plastic surgery like it is the meal for the day. Ho's all of them. Kanye ain't on pills, he is nuts as a cover up for being trapped with the WHITE bitches of Get Out!!! Uh, KW, you better figure out how to get out.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. This has been twisted and a good majority of the people being outraged probably have not even listened to what Kanye said in context.  '400 years' is the key term here. Malcolm & Martin gave speeches/sermons on this decades ago. Louis Farrakhan and other notable philanthropists have referred to the mental state of Black folks, post slavery.
    There are multitudes of Black folks still in undesirable conditions, including 'the hood' with a defeatist mentality.  The overwhelming percentage of them will never TAKE an opportunity to change their environment or even leave it.  Thus, still enslaved – by choice.  Slavery IS a choice-today, not WAS a choice throughout this country's historical past.  Black people must get together AND stick together like ALL the other people that have done so.  🙂

  6. This bitch is talking trash. Don't hate on Kanye because his being real. Slavery is a choice if you can't think on your own or what to do,or if you allow other peopl to decide for you. You are mentally enslavery yourself. Period. Kanye is a genius

  7. Dumbass hes talking about mental slavery….and what a gangster "don't come to Calabasas" LMFAO snoop cousin sound like a lame

  8. Why he is saying that Kanye West mo stay where he is only black alone kill black black is one of the foolishness set of people I ever come across why you want a Kanye West because he's talking the truth you are a fucking fool come in Iraq I'll come to gather I'll come to goalie then we show you that creeps have no talk

  9. He is so right why should we forgot all those things when you people have control everything and we don't have nothing Kanye West is right

  10. blacks putting down blacks is still wrong… sum hit should not be said….. period… or re brought up ? my great grandma was a slave but I talk to her about it but it hurt her 2 much to continue on….. even she wanted to for get about it…… if u was forced or raped u would 2………. have compassion… for humanity……..

  11. All GOSSIP GOSSIP and more …you guessed it, GOSSIP. Kanye can be reached very easily these days for interviews as we all have seen. Being that they couldn't get this from the horses mouth…take it with a grain of salt.

  12. I like how this video keeps reverting to Kanye being unstable, off meds, etc. etc. NO NO this is Kanye being lucid. He is tired of black people using slavery as a weapon and excuse. Get up off your ass and make a better person out of yourself. That is what he is saying. If you showed MORE of what he says, instead of the one part that you can use to make this a story about SOMETHING completely different that what he means. Go Fuck Yourself HollyWoodLife.

  13. Im only 30 and seems like everyone here acts like high schoolers. Get over it. Just cause someone says something in there own opinion don’t mean you got to take it seriously. Bottom line its a figure of speech what he was meaning. If you don’t understand then shut up and don’t spread rumors like a virus.

  14. Hollywood is so left. I can barely stand any of you any more. I thank Kanye for saying what he wants even tho you will try your best to squash his career. Go Kanye! Be yourself not what The left says you have to be.

  15. The uploader only uploaded a piece of the entire vid of him talking with those other people. This is how news works these days. The whole convo was not included resulting in some being up in arms.

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