5 Things To Know Before Buying a Vinyl Turntable

Vinyl Turntable

By Jack Barnes

Although the world has progressed a lot, there are still some people who prefer being old school. Instead of banging and shaking their heads to high pitch EDMs, they still love listening to tracks on vinyl records which makes for a serene and quiet environment. However getting hands on a good vinyl turntable is a tough job and if not familiar, you may eventually end up wasting money on some low-quality turntable or some overhyped design which you may not like.

Therefore to help you in such situations we have come up with a guide which will help you make a wise. Go through these 5 pointers and later go out and buy the vinyl turntable you like.

  1. Money Is The Most Important Factor

One of the most important factors to consider before deciding to buy a vinyl record is the budget you have. The more money you have, a better turntable you will get. However, the best decision is to invest in a good turntable and bother about the accessories later. The accessories will only complement your vinyl player and in the end, it is the core product which will decide the quality of music and if the music at source is not clear there is no point amplifying it.

  1. Decide On The Type Of Vinyl Record Player

Decide whether you wish to buy a manual or an automatic record player. In a manual player, you are required to manually move and place the needle, in an automatic version this happens with a click of a button. There is also a semi-automatic variant available in which you are required to place the needle however it gets lifted on its own. We suggest you buy a manual version as there isn’t much difference with the automatic one you only will be spending more on same. However, if you don’t have a steady hand buy yourself an automatic one as eventually, you may end up scratching the record.

  1. Consider Where You Will Put It

Before buying a vinyl turntable also consider where you will put this player. There are turntables which are excessively large and hence may require you to dedicate a significant amount of space. You also need to find a place which is free from external vibrations and is sturdy enough not to disturb the record while playing. External vibrations produce humming sounds in between and often also result in needle skip which may spoil your music experience. Therefore find the right space where you think there would be no external vibrations and based on the space available decide on the space of the vintage turntable you wish to buy.

  1. Second Hand Options May Secure You a Good Deal

Although most people will prefer buying a new turntable, however for the ones who are on atight budget a second-hand variant will serve as a good deal. People often are willing to sell their vintage turntables at cheap prices; however, you as a beginner will need to check a few things before handing over your cash. To know what to look in a second-hand turntable before buying, read this.

  1. All In One or Separate

With changing times there are a variety of turntables now available in themarket. You can either buy an all in one variant or a separate one. With all in one variant you get the speakers, the amps etc. already embedded in the player and all you need to do is plug it in to start play. However, with the separate turntable, you get the system, however, are required to buy speakers and amplifiers for same. The first variant is good however the quality music is produced from the second. Therefore if your budget can be pushed a little we would recommend you to buy a turntable with separate amplifier and speaker to make most of your music listening experience.

These 5 points we believe will help you buy the perfect turntable for a seamless music experience. To buy vintage turntables at attractive prices you can visit Vinyl vintage now.

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5 Things To Know Before Buying a Vinyl Turntable

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