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Keeping up with our NFL Training Camp Tour bringing you some of the best football conversations around the league, we were able to sit down with Derwin James of the LA Chargers as he prepared to become the highest paid player at his position in NFL history.

With several safeties around the league receiving big contracts of late, Derwin wasn’t worried where he would fall in the pack and always remained confident that his on the field play would speak for itself when it came time for numbers. Putting his trust in agent David Mulugheta, the Chargers Safety stayed out of the negotiations and conversations between his team and representative knowing that he was in a good situation. Despite not signing a new deal before training Camp, Derwin showed up to support his team and partake in team activities, just didn’t participate in practice.

Ignoring the noise that he is injury prone and hasn’t done enough to prove his consistent skill level, Derwin says it comes with territories and doesn’t allow others opinions to affect how he approaches the game or his relationship with his organization, knowing fully that when he is on the field and playing- he believes he is the best safety in the NFL. Fred related to that notion as he dealt with some of that affecting his career and contracts while he played too.

With full confidence in his quarterback Justin Herbert at the helm, Derwin believes the Chargers are not only the best team in the AFC West but a Super Bowl contender. “The more we get the ball to #10, we are going to win way more than we will lose”. The Safety admits that it would be a letdown to get anywhere less than the big dance in February because he knows the talent on his team and what they are capable of this season,

In a surprising response to Ryan’s match up questions, Derwin says that Hunter Renfro is a guy they watch and believe is one of the better on offense that they face. Channing asks how he has avoided the pitfalls of being a star first in college and now in the NFL and what are some of the choices he made to rise above those situations that often derail young careers. Of course, no conversation is complete without Channing being Channing as he shares his thoughts on guys who use poor excuses of becoming fathers unexpectedly, and as usual it’s a must listen!

Growing up in Florida, Derwin talks about how he got his work ethic from his parents and watched his mom work out constantly as they were growing up so he adapted and did the same. As a father of his own little girl now, Derwin understands how this contract is not only life changing for him and his family but generational change too.

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