LeBron: African-American women ‘are most powerful women in the world’

LeBron: African-American women ‘are most powerful women in the world’

(5 Sep 2018) LeBron James showered praise on his mother, daughter and all African-American women as he was honored with the Icon 360 Award at Harlem’s Fashion Row. (Sept. 5)

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15 thoughts on “LeBron: African-American women ‘are most powerful women in the world’

  1. No They aren’t All Woman are Skilled and Powerful not just African Women

  2. Imaging the scrams of 'racist' if you change it to 'White women are the most powerful in the world'

  3. I'll come back to this video in one week to see how many dislikes and racist comments pollute YouTube more than it already is.

  4. Why is it ok to be racist if you are black? And people still like this guy!? Ridiculous

  5. So he admitted Black Father's are MIA. Just like that Preacher at Aretha's funeral and he's been viciously attacked for it. Will Lebron?

  6. In his eyes that's ok he should be appreciative of who supported him. But if this was said about white women it would've been labeled as white supremacy…this goes to show how the media spins everything for their own agenda and schemes. Maybe this should've been titled "LeBron shows his appreciation for the black women in his life"…AP YOU SUCK!

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