LeBron James Postgame Interview | Cavaliers vs Raptors Game 3

LeBron James Postgame Interview | Cavaliers vs Raptors Game 3

LeBron James talks to the media following his game-winning bucket in Game 3 of the of the Eastern Conference Semifinals to take a 3-0 series lead over the Toronto Raptors.

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45 responses to “LeBron James Postgame Interview | Cavaliers vs Raptors Game 3”

  1. The numbers, performance, attitude speak by themselves. Respect

  2. Hats off to bron bron! great last sec shot!

  3. I have no effign clue why hood n clerkson and lance cannot get 15 points among them. they have been burst. they have done no better than the guys they traded for. wade could have done better, so was crowder. come on now. hill is contributing but lance must be able to do few things easily. dunk, lay ups. hood can shoot and has mid-range jumper and lance need to have better grip of the ball. I rather give few minutes to hussler osman.

    cavs need more scorers. it is not just on veterans. come on now.

    can coaching or somebody do something about this? jesus!

  4. Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin 🧢

  5. He came sat down and it seems like a King came in and everyone was giving him gold and presents,😂

  6. great game..out standing

  7. He’s the greatest of this generation but not the goat

  8. How you In the playoffs rocking a Seagram 7 hat, is that what he drink before the game lololololololo LeBron on 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Cleveland is the new bulls lol we Do I g things

  10. Why are his words motivated me?

  11. Brian scalabrine > lebron james

  12. Bruh…. don't wear caps, you don't have the head for it.


  14. "they did a job putting pressure on me in the backourt" pshhhh…. they didn't try to defend him at all until about midcourt

  15. If he gets this team to the finals, i would say he's on a tie for the goat with Jordan, even if they get swept. However, if he manages to win the championship, fuck yeah he's the goat from there on and probably no one is ever going to surpass him

  16. Toughest player on the raptors is drake

  17. the only real blemish on his record is the 2011 finals, i mean that was horrific. other than that, the man is at present imo the no2 greatest of all time. if he manages to win another ring vs this GSW side with THIS cleveland team, then i would have to say he would be the greatest.

  18. Press conference s are so pointless and boring farrk

  19. If James was a player in the 1970s, Jordan would've been considered a poor man's 1-dimensional Lebron: similar scoring ability but without the playmaking.

  20. he is gonna take this "worst team" of his career to the finals . the goat debate is over.

  21. If Y'all Keep Going Off Rings in the Finals… Then Robert Horry The Goat!! 7 is more than 6 right….gtfoh!! LeBron fucking balling!!!

  22. LeBron can't contain his joy😂

  23. Celebrate a game winner with Seagrams 7…….it works every time!

  24. 14:00 min video u know James was feeling good

  25. We just going to ignore all those phones on the Table

  26. When he retires = g.o.a.t status unlocked

  27. Most momentum going into finals. Celtics is there as well , but it’s not the same because the King 👑 is too good.

  28. I’ve gone into the future and saw 14 million different outcomes. Raptors win in one of them. They purposefully lost 3 in a row, Raps in 7.

  29. What's he had written on that paper lol? Sodoku?

  30. LEBRONTO🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


  32. kyle's bum ass needa change the lyrics to "im NOT like defrozen cuz when i shoot it, it goes in"

  33. Toronto is so much of a joke that Bron forget the next time they play 😂

  34. Celtics are going to get swept.

  35. Where's that pussy demarvelous defrozen lmao defrozen was so shit he was benched

  36. 牛逼,33岁了且很快34岁了。

  37. Why is Lebron laughing

  38. Lebron James is really good at basketball.

  39. They are going to the finals but they are not going to beat the rockets

  40. The man is in his 15 season and still playing like he in his prime .. the whole draft class of 03 is washed up wade is looking to retire bosh is dead melo is garbage and lebron playing like its 2012 dropping 30+ and 8 and 9 rebounds and assists but you guys still have the time to hate on him the man is hated for being great it’s just that simple

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