How The LEGO Movie Redefined The Art Of Storytelling

LEGO Movie

By Jack Barnes

The art of ‘storytelling’ is something which not everyone seems to care about. However, ‘storytelling’ is one crucial factor which in today’s digital era can define your brand’s success. A successful branding involved you being able to communicate with your customer and there is no better way to communicate than to market your product through the means of a story. If you are still skeptic towards the idea of ‘storytelling’ you probably should watch, ‘The Lego’ movie, which beautifully depicts and markets a toy through a 90-minute commercial.

Here are a few reasons why we believe this movie is the perfect example of how a storytelling can impart ‘a soul’ to your brand.

  1. The movie sells idea not product

Any successful marketer can tell you it isn’t the product which inspires people, it is the utility which captures their attention. You cannot sell a bed to someone simply by saying it is the most comfortable bed they have ever owned, it sounds vague. However, if you sell a bed saying we aren’t just selling the bed, we are selling you a good night’s sleep, that is when you gather people’s attention.

Working on this line LEGO a company found in 1979 through its movie has tried to portray what a vast amount of potential does its product hold. It has painted a picture in every 8 years old mind about all the spaceships, superheroes, buildings etc. they can design with their plastic bricks. They sold an idea instead of their product and as the idea grew, the vision expanded and hence automatically the demand for their product increased.

  1. Figure Out Your User Base and Sell Your Idea as the best

LEGO did a bang on the job by creating a commercial movie targeting children and not adults because they have realized the consumer base for their product aren’t the parents, rather it is their children. The toy manufacturer through its movie pushed a whole bunch of ideas in a child’s mind thereby automatically allowing them to be amazed with all that they can do with LEGO toys.

Being into marketing you can either make even the most interesting project sound bad or make even the not-so-good ones sound as great. It is you who has to identify the target audience and then make them feel the need of your product which automatically will explain to them their utility.

  1. Play the ‘Brand Advocacy’ Card

One of the best approaches to make your brand come live is to have people vouch for your product. Say if you want to sell a cricket equipment and you get Sachin Tendulkar as your brand ambassador, there is very little chance that your product will fail. Reasons being? Athletes or brand advocates such as Sachin Tendulkar will inspire people, who in turn will buy the product he recommends.

Some may question but LEGO movie is animated and doesn’t have Hollywood stars to inspire, the fact is they don’t need those. They instead picked up Batman a superhero which children love and came up with a movie around it, which was sufficient enough for a child to ask his parents to buy him a LEGO toy. After all, he could make Batman out of it. Want to know how the audiences responded to this movie? Read the review here at

  1. Have a consistent story associated with your brand

You ought to make your consumers care about the story you are telling them. You have to make sure that they buy it and to do this you need to have a consistent narrative associated with your brand. You need to ensure that the messaging you are trying to deliver is consisted and in lines with your brand’s vision. Even if you have multiple products every product should somehow converge to the single point of your company vision. Having multiple vision or inconsistent story will make your audiences confused and they will start questioning the trustworthiness of your brand.

These 4 points are the top reasons which define how a good storytelling ability can make your brand a success. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, make sure you watch it online soon. If you have watched the movie, tell us about your experience in the comment section below.


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How The LEGO Movie Redefined The Art Of Storytelling

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