Lena Waithe on Questlove Supreme About Black Television, Writing & Aziz [Interview]

Lena Waithe

By Jack Barnes

The incomparable Lena Waithe drops a wealth of knowledge on this week’s episode of Questlove Supreme on Pandora. Questlove sits down with the Emmy-winner to talk about a ton of major topics ranging from her hustle growing up in Chicago, being proud to be the vessel as the first black woman to win for writing comedy and the pressure of support in the community versus constructive criticism to help move the needle forward. Enjoy this audio stream below after the jump and please share this with friends.

“Even with my show, I don’t know what’s real. Because I don’t know if somebody is going to come out and go, ‘The Chi is just okay.’ Because then folks will be like, ‘Why are you hating on?’ If you don’t f with it, tell me why so I can improve it,” says Lena.

The podcast is now live and available to listen to on Pandora with episode 80 really get candid with Lena diving into her work style, her role in season 2 of Netflix’s Dear White People, being greenlit for an upcoming TBS series called, “Twenties” loosely based on her and the infamous, Thanksgiving Episode on, “Master of None” with Angela Bassett and guest stars like Kym Whitley.


  • “I’m very much an advocate of the Me Too campaign. I think people should be piping up. I know Aziz, he was touched by it. And it was not easy for me during that time because I can’t just be, “Oh, rah, rah. I’m a part of this movement. Fuck everything else.” This is someone who  I know for a long time. He really saw something in me at a time when I didn’t even think I would have this kind of career. He really introduced people to me, in a way. And he’s my friend. I can’t just turn my back.”


  • “And I own my snobbiness. I’m totally aware of it. I work in the business. I have a very critical eye. I try to sometimes come back from that, but I just can’t. And also, my fiance, well, she’s an exec. But now she runs Michael B. Jordan’s production company. So we are aware that we go to the ArcLight. We have our assigned seats. We’re those black people. But I think, to me, what’s scary about those shows is that they’re constantly being pumped to the same black audiences. What happens is I always look at it like food and what you digest. So they’re being given McDonald’s, which is fast, it tastes good, and it goes through you really quickly. So then it’s like when they try to give you filet mignon, foie gras, caviar, escargot, a la Moonlight, Get Out things like that, sometimes it becomes difficult for them to eat that food–because they’re so used to McDonald’s. So that’s my only thing. I’m cool with people taking in that kind of entertainment. But the tough thing, especially for black folks, is what I want is for our people to have a more sophisticated palate, so to speak. Which is like they go see Boo, but then also go see Moonlight, go see a movie like Shape of Water. I just kind of want our folks to have that kind of exposure. It’s not unlike dealing with kids on the South Side who’s never been downtown. You know what I’m saying? They’re only watching those shows.”



Questlove Supreme was just featured on Variety as one of the best music podcasts out there. It features Questlove with Team Supreme and is a weekly radio talk show in which they discuss music and cultural legends, sharing plenty of personal stories and jokes along the way. The podcast merges the love of music and culture that Questlove embodies into a weekly show that’s a happy medium between relevant cultural topics and nerdy NPR.

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Lena Waithe on Questlove Supreme About Black Television, Writing & Aziz [Interview]

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