Lewis Griffiths Talks Alpha Beta Ray Dub, Ideal Collaboration & More [Interview]

By Jack Barnes

Getmybuzzup: Tell us about yourself and your music?

Lewis Griffiths: Myself, there is not much to talk about really, nothing of interest the less said about it the better.  The music we release is original, ska, reggae, dub, it is pure, one that fuels the soul, gets you back to the roots and is on the level of reality.


Getmybuzzup: How would you describe your sounds?

Lewis Griffiths: PROPER!

Getmybuzzup: What are you currently working on? Any new projects?

Lewis Griffiths: We wasn’t going to release any further tracks this year. Then, we released Alpha Beta Ray Dub which went to number 1 in the Reggae charts. David Guetta and Sean Paul had been number 1 for what I think was 4/5 months. We knocked them off the top spot. In reality nobody should be top of the reggae charts unless it is Bob Marley (man is a prophet) but we are totally blessed people were digging it and bought it. Off the back of that we all decided that whilst we are firing on all cylinders we will release a few more tracks before the year is out, makes sense. So, we are releasing on 11/11 unheard tracks by Jackie Mittoo. Has to be by far our best release in this genre to date, the tracks are heavy!

Lewis Griffiths Talks Alpha Beta Ray Dub, Ideal Collaboration & More [Interview]

Getmybuzzup: What has been your biggest highlight with the record label to date?

Lewis Griffiths: There isn’t one. Number 1 was cool but if you’re hung up on numbers you’re fucked. We are taking over all those that have got complacent, that will happen but being satisfied with a number 1, na. Again it was cool but it is now spent and we move on to whatever is next, were not sitting still. There are more important matters going on in the world like corrupt governments, kids being abused, people starving, wars, etc all the important things our generation have forgotten about in life and brushed under the carpet. Instead of helping others we would rather see a million likes on our Facebook posts, be the talk of the town with a tongue firmly stuck up our arse. All fuckin true and a sad state of affairs.

Getmybuzzup: Name your ideal collaboration: Mainstream or Indie.

Lewis Griffiths: Us, solely us, we on a whole are my ideal collaboration, we are not here to rub shoulders with anyone else, to make each other look good, patting each other on the back celebrating chart positions. Where we come from we don’t do that, that’s for the look at me brigade. If we do celebrate it is being number 1, why would you celebrate being number 2,3, 10 or whatever it is. When we were knocking on doors looking for a break they were slammed in our faces (we remember every person that did that to us too) out of principle we would never go back cap in hand and ask anyone for help. We got this far by ourselves and that is how it will stay. On the flip side if were diggin a book, music or whatever it is we will back anyone, that is how it should be.


Getmybuzzup: Name something random that people do not know about.

Lewis Griffiths: I’m not that moody, I am always laughing, honest. <laughs>


Getmybuzzup: What is one thing you have learned or discovered while being on the music scene/industry?

Lewis Griffiths: I have said before for some reason in UK people love to see you fail? That is a fact, they hate to see anyone doing well. In the industry there are so many bitter fuckin haters, that goes for so called mates too. Some of the messages we receive, personal against me, I look like a c**t  <laughs>, I hate you, digs at the label, death threats, I have even a photo of a bullet with my name on, seriously over the top shit but it all makes me laugh, the worse the messages are the more I enjoy reading them. If someone has that much time to send over messages of hate, bring it I have thick skin and as I said they make me laugh.  I would never intentionally go out of my way to hurt anyone or upset them, I would be mortified if I knew I had. Saying that if I have a problem with you, I am not going behind your back to coat you off you will know about it and it will have a valid reason. That is how I like to be treated too. So, I suppose for all those haters messages we receive you have to take it on the chin, it is the nature of the business. To be fair it is only a minority of messages we receive like that, generally everyone is beautiful!

Getmybuzzup: What can we expect from you in the future?

Lewis Griffiths: World domination, simple as that. There are currently plenty of irons in the fire that will take-up most of 2019 already. Next year we will be denting the charts worldwide, States will be getting it first then Japan, the other countries will have to wait their turn. The Chinese have extreme internet censorship; they literally cannot surf outside their own country. But we have muscled our way in and we have been asked to release our back catalogue and future releases over there. I don’t know of another label that has done that, we are not messing about. From our point of view, we are not going mad releasing what we have on deaf ears. We do our homework, find out where our target areas are for an artist and then drop it on them. The idea is to release gradually over time and when the good people worldwide are digging the tunes they will come find us and pick-up what we have stuck out there previously. As it currently stands from hitting regular top 5 chart positions in the UK, France, Mexico, Turkey etc we are making noise.

Getmybuzzup: What is your strategy plan?

Lewis Griffiths: Self-belief, when you know you know. If you’ve experienced what I have, it’s a given its going to happen. From relentless hard graft and being blessed, it’ll happen. And for those that occasionally make the comment of, you’re lucky, sleep for 4 hours a night for years and then tell me we got lucky.

Getmybuzzup: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Lewis Griffiths: Not really. Actually I would like to thank everyone that has backed us from the off and believed in us, our time is coming. Thank you very much for the interview and your time, much appreciated.

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Lewis Griffiths Talks Alpha Beta Ray Dub, Ideal Collaboration & More [Interview]


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