Lil’BT Talks Preparing for Studio Sessions & More [Interview]



By Jack Barnes

Getmybuzzup: THANK you Lil’BT for doing our interview! How are you?


Lil’BT: I am great thank you!


Getmybuzzup: We really enjoy your music and would like to know more about your writing process!


Lil’BT: My writing process is I first listen to the beats and if I like it I try to come up with a hook, or pick a subject I wanna talk about when I got the hook. Then I start writing the lyrics.


Getmybuzzup: Going into the studio can be a very stressful and fun experience. How do you prepare yourself for studio sessions and do you enjoy the process?


Lil’BT: I have my own studio I set up so where I can work on my own tempo. I can record when I feel like. and also have my producer, Bleam the Beats, he creates the beats for me and then I record, Mix, and Master.


Getmybuzzup: Tell us about the story behind your music. You seem to have risen above some serious adversity can you tell us about it?


Lil’BT: The story behind my music is based on real life events. My favorite subject is adversity/ obstacles the struggle. I think it’s because I came from the dirt myself, so I like to rap about it. I was hit by a truck at the age of 11 and it left me in a wheelchair for four long years. I had multiple operations, surgeries and endless therapy.


Getmybuzzup: You are super fit! What is your workout and fitness regime?


Lil’BT: I like to stay fit. My fitness regime started after my accident as I had to find a way to walk again. Even though doctors told me I would never walk again, I did! I am living proof that you can overcome adversity and major obstacles in life. I train 6-7 days a week one muscle group per day.


Getmybuzzup: How often do you rehearse and explain a typical rehearsal night for Lil’BT?


Lil’BT: I rehearse my music several times a week…every week! A typical rehearsal night with Lil’BT is HIGH ENERGY!!


Getmybuzzup: What surprises can we expect with your latest music?


Lil’BT: You can expect a lot of new music and a lot of new music videos.


Getmybuzzup: What is your message to your fans?


Lil’BT: My message to my fans is: STAY POSITIVE! Believe in yourself. Be yourself. Find your goals and most importantly, do whatever it is that makes you HAPPY!


Getmybuzzup: Please list your social media sites so our readers can follow you!


Lil’BT: Facebook :


Twitter : @LilLilBT


Getmybuzzup: Thank you for your time Lil’BT


Lil’BT: Thank you for the interview

Greets Lil’BT

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