Lilly Singh’s Social Media Dating Life | Sad Hot Girls | Vogue


One tweet too many can put the brakes on falling in love. Lilly Singh dishes on dating in the social media age.

Director: Zoe Lister-Jones
Fashion Editor: Alexandra Gurvitch
Story Editor: Liana Satenstein

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Lilly Singh’s Social Media Dating Life | Sad Hot Girls | Vogue


45 thoughts on “Lilly Singh’s Social Media Dating Life | Sad Hot Girls | Vogue

  1. "I want to feel like you want to genuinely know me, and not make this a brand building exercise." You tell him Lilly! It's his loss for being overly honest about your relationship online. Some things are simply meant to be private. Good on you for setting those boundaries, breaking things off when you needed to, and knowing what you deserve as a person.

  2. Am I the only one here who srsly doesn‘t care one bit about the guy she talked about? I‘d even go that far as to assume it was scripted 🤷🏻‍♀️ who cares who she dates – it‘s her private life. Learn some boundaries ffs 🙄

  3. 0:22 "…with out social media" 🙌🙌🙌
    Lilly should have gotten 20M likes just for that

    GEZ THANK YOU LILLY FOR UNDERSTANDING the struggle is real 😑

  4. I see but like Aman was in her blogs a lot and she would visit him. Then all of sudden he’s gone🤔. Weird. We will never know

  5. WTF WHY WOULD THE TITLE SAY: “Sad Hot Girls”??!!
    Why is she described as sad just cause she’s single??? F that,
    You go queen ❤️♥️

  6. Ok first of all hold up. Lilly u were dating someone!! I kinda knew it! Second, why do I have this weird funny feeling that it was Dom. I am in so much denial right now but it kinda fits in. She was all over his Instagram, twitter sometimes where she was tagged. He was the only guy she would kiss in her vids! And i dunno if he tagged her for her bday surprise he did for her. She's always saying how sweet, nice and funny he is like how she said here. N their pics together were really cute and some in portrait mode. But did He want to document all their time together, I have no idea. N she also said he moved on n Doms with Bethany now. She said she saw it on Instagram. Dom did post stories n pics of him n beth. Wtf!! Man she sounded pissed! Could this be a mega coincidence?? OMG maybe. If it is Dom then……HA I KNEW IT! I hope they get back together.

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