Looking At The Kardashians 10 Years Ago Vs Now

Ten years is a lot of time to pass by and allow for change. The Kardashian family evolution over the last ten years could be the very thing that turned them into a household name. From their break-ups to their make-ups, births, weddings, divorces and businesses, this family has let us deep into their lives.
With their newest production set to debut next month, we take a look at their transformations between 2012 and now.

The Kardashians have definitely become trendsetters, and rightfully so. They have no problem taking fashion risks for the high rewards of being style icons, like Kim Kardashian’s style evolution is award-winning. But seeing their style evolution over the last ten years, they’ve all made their mark on fashion in their own unique ways.

When it comes to business, the sisters have always had something going on, but now to see ten years later each person has ventured out on their own. But no matter how many different brands and businesses they start, they will always support one another.

Their support for each other’s businesses, and major life moments reminds us just how much of a regular family they are, but their fights really let us know, the Kardashians are just like us. Their show has given us some of the most heated moments in the family, but they always find a way to come together when it matters.

With “The Kardashians” on Hulu debuting soon, what are you expecting from this reboot? How different do you think this show will be from the last decade of KUWTK? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to like, share and subscribe to The Things Celebrity for more!

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00:00 Intro
00:29 Kim’s Fashion Evolution
01:06 Makeup Then Vs. Now
01:40 Breakups
02:09 Kim Gets To Work
02:48 Kim’s Body-ody-ody
03:21 Kylie’s “It Girl” Evolution
03:55 Kylie’s Empire
04:30 Kylie’s Look Changes
04:58 Kourtney’s Natural Lifestyle
05:35 Kourtney Finds Her Style
06:05 Kourtney & Scott Saga
06:47 Khloe Blossoming
07:19 Fitness Evolution
07:43 Khloe’s Rocky Dating Life
08:15 Kendall’s Modeling Career
08:43 Babies or no babies?
09:17 Savage Fights
09:49 KUWTK vs Hulu?
10:22 Christmas through the years
10:53 Kris Glow Up

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Written by: Elizabeth Oloidi
Narrated by: LanessaVO
Edited by: Carolina Jimenez Franco

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