Lukay: What It Takes To Make It



Over at Get My Buzz Up, we are always interested in knowing more about music scenes directly from the artists themselves.

That’s why we were very excited to hear from Lukay about the changing scenes both in the US and in Canada. For those who don’t know, Lukay is a Canadian singer, songwriter, dancer and overall sensation, responsible for the hits “I Love Music”, “All Night”, and “Dance With You”.

While his success in Canada has enabled him to start thinking about expanding in other parts of the world–namely in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, he is still conscious of the ever-evolving music scenes both at home and abroad. As he travels from Montreal to Los Angeles to collaborate with other writers and producers, Lukay has noticed some specific things all artists should be aware of.

As Lukay warns: “The music scene in America has changed a lot because things are not done like back in the days.” He chalks this up to the fact that before, the competition artists faced was much less, since if you were not signed to a major label, you couldn’t really grow and expand as much as a musician.

Nowadays, he states, the potential for independent artists are much greater, as being signed with a major label is not the only route anymore, and as long as the artist has good music and a plan that involves marketing and social media, they can usually create a name for themselves. Lukay states “Artists cannot just focus on music anymore. They have to constantly interact with their fans, be consistent and active, otherwise, people will forget about you due to the large amount of artists out today, and the ones who are trying to get in.

So for artists looking to make it big, just as Lukay states, it’s (fortunately or unfortunately) not just about the music anymore. You have to know how to brand and market yourself, and make yourself memorable.

Luckily for his fans, Lukay knows how to adapt to the changing music scene, and is set to release his EP, “Melting Pot” this year!


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