Machine Gun Kelly Has a Rematch with the Wings of Death | Hot Ones Throwback

Hot Ones may be in between seasons, but we couldn’t leave you without your regularly scheduled hit of hot wings. So, just for the real ones out there who have been asking, we’re dusting off a Hot Ones classic! During our PBR Halftime Show, Machine Gun Kelly—one of the O.G. Hot Ones guests, and inventor of the dab—made his return to the table for a second date with the wings of death. His heroic, post-wings musical performance was a game day-only special, but now you can relive the magic of the interview.

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28 thoughts on “Machine Gun Kelly Has a Rematch with the Wings of Death | Hot Ones Throwback

  1. Lots of ups and downs with this video. When Kelly calls out the crew saying that someone else needs to eat a wing to prove it's real– we know it's real, Sean's in it. But when it comes time for payoff, even with the warning at the beginning, it's a ruined climax. Love the idea of bringing back past interviews for a second take, but dont cocktease us like that! — love the show. keep doin what you're doin.

  2. Honestly, fuck this hipster fucking toolbag. Machine gun kelly, bet dude doesn't even own a gun. Lil bitchass PBR drinking motherfucker has no taste. PBR is shit and if you like it you're probably mildly retarded. MGK you wanna punch somebody get at me pussy. Lil bitch tryna flex on a damn youtube show and shit. Also cleveland is a shithole with nothing in it, notice how I didn't even capitalize that shit.

  3. Kid Kelly kinda seemed alright this episode though the second her said Shawn has a "punchable face" I woulda stood up, and assured kelly by demonstration that he in fact, has the punchable face. Sadly I'm not sure if I could stop it…I mean listen to him talk than realize how garbage he is…..

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