Major Football Tournaments Around The World [Sports]

Football is known as the king of sports with the highest number of fans worldwide. The reason is that the ball can bring the fans so much feeling from joy, happiness, to sadness in a match. So, check out the major football tournaments in the world.

World Cup

When talking about the famous football tournaments from around the world, we can not miss out the World Cup which is known as the biggest football tournament in the world.

It is the international football tournament organized every four years by FIFA, bringing together hundreds of the best national football teams from countries with fierce competition from the qualification to the final match.


The first tournament was held in 1930, and throughout its history, the World Cup was only interrupted twice in the years 1942 and 1946 because of the outbreak of the Second World War.

According to the latest news, FIFA has agreed to increase the number of teams from 32 to 48 in the 2026 World Cup, which is a bold decision.

In football, nothing is impossible.

The most evident proof that we see the surprise the sport brings to the world is the 2018 World Cup, where the audience felt shocked when the strong teams got knocked out in the group stage.

That is why football always has an irresistible attraction that no one can deny.

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League is the tournament mentioned as the leading and big tournament in the world and significant place for Europe’s most prominent and most active clubs to compete. It is organized by the European Football Federation, once time a year.

There are several rounds in the tournament. Also, its competition of format is that the draw team will have to play the knockout stage.

Major Football Tournaments Around The World [Sports]

UEFA Champions League

After that, the final will take place in May every year.  The winning team will win the ticket to attend the European Super Cup (UEFA Super Cup) and the Club World Championship (FIFA Club World Cup).

Premier League

Premier League is the third-ranked UEFA league for tournaments based on the performance of clubs in European championships in five consecutive seasons.

Although it is the tournament of England, its influence has never been lowered and is always considered the most attractive match on the planet. Therefore, the proceeds from broadcasting and television rights get mentioned every time the tournament starts.

Though season took place in 1992, so far over the years, only six clubs have won the league including Chelsea, United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Blackburn Rovers, and Leicester City. So, competitions between Chelsea, MU, Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool will get more attention of fan than others.

Major Football Tournaments Around The World [Sports]

Premier League

AFC Champions League

The match, abbreviated as AFC, is an annual football league organized by the Asian Football League for clubs winning league titles or domestic cups under the AFC.

Major Football Tournaments Around The World [Sports]

AFC Champions League

32 clubs are participating who come from 18 AFC member countries in the competition to find the best one to represent the AFC football clubs competing in the FIFA Club World Cup.

Major League football

Major League football was founded in 1993 on the occasion of the US election to host the 1994 FIFA World Cup. The first season was held in 1996 with ten teams.

Nowadays, Major League football (MLS) is the highest-level professional men’s football tournament in the United States and Canada managed by the American football Federation. The competition includes 23 teams of 20 teams from the United States and 3 teams from Canada.

Major Football Tournaments Around The World [Sports]

Major League football

The MLS seasons officially take place from March to October, and each team plays 34 matches. The winner will be awarded the Supporters’ Shield title.

After that, the winner in MLS will compete at U.S. Open Cup and Canadian Championship as well as the CONCACAF Champions League.


The German National Football Championship is the highest level of German football. The competition was held from 1903 until now except for the time of world wars (first and second). The name “Bundesliga” has existed since the 1963 season.

Major Football Tournaments Around The World [Sports]


Last season, the Bundesliga led the big leagues in Europe in terms of average goals per game: 2.77 goals per game, far more than La Liga only 2.66, Premier League 2.57 and Serie A 2 69.

Thanks to that, the audience can enjoy the fun with many match-taking games, and filled with goals. Therefore, the atmosphere of the matches here is always crazy and hot because of fans.

Furthermore, when talking about tournaments’ profit, the Bundesliga is only inferior to the Premier League which is the world’s most valuable television rights tournament.

In Conclusion

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Major Football Tournaments Around The World [Sports]

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