Malik Yusef Says Kanye Misjudged and Oversimplified with Slavery Comments | TMZ

Kanye West’s friend, G.O.O.D. Music artist Malik Yusef, says the rapper’s comments about slavery were hurtful, but he insists Kanye was on point and could have won people over if he had more time.


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25 thoughts on “Malik Yusef Says Kanye Misjudged and Oversimplified with Slavery Comments | TMZ

  1. what you educated niggas nowadays forget is they had no education names nor culture you can't fight when you on the verge of death and have no idea where you are who they are or what's going on don't even know what these people are saying

  2. Niggas are easy to domesticate because they always looking for a handout or a way out and white people know that…….Awe look at the poor lil niggas let's help them out because they need us

  3. Blakc be like our kids need to know history not that history needs to be up held so much we were kings queens how you gone empower them by telling them how they were raped murdered held back anyone answer ill wait?

  4. I love how Kanye gives TMZ an amazing exclusive interview that goes viral and TMZ goes on a busy rampage talking shit about him for a week straight. Makes me sick.

  5. Hiding behind them gay glasses.. Many need to research ur history slavery wasnt a choice it was force today mental slavery is the results of pass 400 500 yrs of beating hanging buring mass killin rapeing tiring family apart.. These new negros are lost and some folks just ignorant… 👀👀👀

  6. I hear what you saying but I know Kanye too so you should let him explain what he meant cause right now he's looking like he's lost it. Since the hospital incident, who knows what they did to him that people in the entertainment world are scared to speak about. He needs to pray and fast, leave those devils that he's surrounded with behind b4 it's to late. Peace

  7. Malik is Cooning for Ye'

    Over the years he has continued to MISINFORM Kanye…. why is saying this now??
    He is trying to justify the comments – and remiz what Ye actually said.

    Like Joe Budden said "Man get Koonye West the fuck all the way outta here"

  8. When he said that 400 yrs of slavery is at some point a choice. He could be saying that we chose to still be slaves. Remember he once said that we are still slaves? Think about it, we as black people support white companies more than we support our own. I feel what Ye is saying. If we stop choosing to buy nike and buy Kanye, stop buying Adidas and buy Marathon clothing, stop buying rebok and buy BBB, stop buying under armor and buy Chance the rapper clothing line, etc… black people support black businesses then we go from there. It might take 400 years to fully fund and support our own black economy but it has to start at some point, "400 years" at some point does become a choice. Black people start to support each other, then we tax ourselves, get into what j Cole was talking about with that "brakets" song. Put our tax money into our own schools to educate our children so they can contribute to our society. We need our own credit system, our own prison system. Black people have to get to the point where it's against the law to be pulled over by a white cop. We need to police ourselves so that we don't keep going to jail because a white girl called rape when she wanted to get her back blown by a black man, while white kids get to finish college after raping a girl when she was past out. We need our own car companies, grocery stores, banks, schools, etc. We were forced here by slave owners, we picked cotton, give us all that cotton we picked, we should have some of the best of everything because we are the workers for a lot of things that keep this shit going. Kanye needs to hmu. I could help him be more clear with what he is saying. My voice doesn't matter because I'm not famouse, his does matter and he's on the right track. Just clear it up better. Had he said those thing, you see how we talk I g about it now, every famouse person that black should support everything I just said, they'd support him if he says it. Am I wrong?

  9. Why was you hurt, you nor anyone you know was a slave….gtfo yourself, Kanye was right OG slavery was not a choice, but this modern day slavery shit is nothing but a myth propagated by people who insist on protecting this victim mentality. Let the snowflakes rain in the coments… want better do better, instead of looking for a handout.

  10. Truth what this man said in the video. He wasn't able to convey the message in detail for people to understand, so people misunderstood…and victimized themselves instead of really TRYING to see his message from another perspective.

  11. No. He was referencing MENTAL SLAVERY in present day being a choice. 400 years and we are STILL slaves, but we have the ability and resources not to be. No one wants to do the journey and legwork to independence…instead, we CHOOSE to be compliant with a herd mentality because of convenience. We make a CHOICE not to seek truth and emancipate ourselves. We are no longer physical slaves, but CHOOSE to be mental slaves. The proof lies in the fact that majority of us don't want to take a stand and rise against the "State", and would rather complain and be victims and do nothing…not even THINK for ourselves. This is the harsh truth…Most are CONTENT with their current situation. The media is making Kanye a villain and appear crazy, in order to maintain status quo by ruining his credibility, and trying to prevent the VERY REAL MESSAGE from getting through to the asleep masses. A deceased artist EVERYONE loves by the name of BOB MARLEY had the same message. Everyone is focusing on the wording and is missing the message! INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM OF SELF, LOVE, AND UNITY!

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