Album Stream: Moka Only – Presents Malkin Jackson – SUMMERLAND [Audio]

Malkin Jackson

By Jack Barnes

Upon first listen, you will realize Malkin is just a different angle of my world. An alias, if you want. The bulk of this projects was created in 2012 after some time spent in the Okanagan region of BC. Something about that area makes the mind expand. Enjoy this audio stream below after the jump.

As for the tracks, “Crystal Ballin” sets the tone of the project, it’s about looking into a foggy crystal ball. “Electric and One” is like Malkin’s magick number. It’s better than a hundred and one. It’s electric. “High Noon” sounds like rolling hills. Malkin is on his Ogopogo shit. He loves some jazz guitar, and stopping in peach-land. “Make Em” was brought to you by the most wonderful rapper in the world, Malkin is a museum. Proto trap rap, maybe? Or more like Malkin doodoo-ing on your do not-ness. “Mrroww” cannot be quantified entirely. When your life is the ‘horrrrrrrrrn’ you pretty much make it up as you go along. Dave Psy came up with the riveting hook. He knew this was a blank slate. How round!

“Clatterbox” simply clatters for a minute. Cowbells and cow-gates. Kalamalka shit. “Provolone” proves that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that Malkin is an indie rock gawd. The guy is in bombardier jets after all. How ripe! How ravishing! “Styling” is either a brag fest or an accurate description of a dream unfolding. It’s your call as much as Malkin’s. But when he gets his style on you may question your questions. How important! “Simple dreams” is just that. A man evaluating changes in his path, his old ways may have severed ties, or he is just at a rest-stop for a bit until the world catches up with his tropical optimism. That man is Ishkan. “Summerland” is the title track, how nifty! Some of us tend to disappear deeply into vibration. Why is this guitar not a guitar? Imagine it’s evening somewhere along lake Okanagan. Are you there? Good.

“The Curator” every project needs one. Malkin is it. Malkin is yours. He is just coming on your world as his magick becomes more focused. What does the track make you picture overall? You should tell me. “To do it up” is a summer favorite. This track may sum up the album most correctly. Are those dogs barking on the track? Maybe they are? Wandering around the hills in West Summerland with a popcicle. Gonna take a rest under a willow tree.

“Wants Gots” tells you that all will be as good as you direct it to be. The mind is a stove. Tradition makers. “Milk and Pepsi” is not Malkin’s favorite beverage by any means, but it is notable enough to have him include it here. Some time had elapsed since ‘Wants Gots’ before Malkin penned it, about four years in fact! These are more instructions to help you function better in summertime and if your night ends with you and a dram drinking milk and Pepsi, then all is still okay in the world! An evening track certainly.

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