Man Robs Bank Same Day After Prison Release

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I Caught U Slippin

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38 thoughts on “Man Robs Bank Same Day After Prison Release

  1. CTG:That’s like having sex shooting the girls club up,then immediately giving her oral….😖.

    Ye:what’s wrong with that?🤔 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Envy: That. That is not…the same. You know what… cause how did you…put that..together. I don't know.🧐🤔

    Ye: yea i know What your saying, but idk what’s wrong with that🤷🏾‍♀️

    Envy: like if he shot the club up then come back the next day and shot the club up again i would understand.But chuu gonn..🧐

    CTF: no,no,no,no,no shot the club up then immediately go down there and start giving her oral 😶

    YE: it’s your stuff what’s wrong with that?

    CTG: immediaatelyyy go down ther..

    Ye:It’s like backwash….🥛


  2. He came out told the guards I'll be back in a few hours playboy leave my cell like it is leave them Ramen noodles alone 😆😂

  3. He must not heard about the new Meek Mills rule. You can commit as many crimes as you like and violate probation all the time. All you have to do is yell racism and people ignore all the crimes you committed, treat the criminal like the victim and set him free.

  4. Well folks I learned 2 thingz from this interview.
    1. Angela is more of a freak than I originally anticipated
    2. Charlamagne still living in the past because for some reason he still think it's March

  5. Nah yo u got it wrong he got released thought he would pull a fast lucky one as soon as he got out tryna be unexpecting but ya didnt work…

  6. He must've been very close to getting away with robbing it the first time. He probably spent his whole sentence strategizing and thinking what he could have done better in order for the robbery to be a success . So when he got out he gave it another try .

  7. Charlemagne the God, now normally you are on point. But in no way can you blame the system for this idiots stupidity. He is just stupid!!!

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