Marketa B. Linden W. Talks Selfifi Music Streaming Service, Inspirations, Producing Films & More [Interview]

By Jack Barnes

Getmybuzzup: Tell us a little about yourself?

Marketa: I am a woman dipping fingers in the water of music after long hiatus of many years that I have spent in business and in tech. The idea of music streaming platform became fusion of those two worlds that collided. I also thought where I can upload my songs for people to listen, how to do it with a website for a musician or a band.


Getmybuzzup: How long have you been in the music industry?

Marketa: If I don’t count singing in the bathroom, my kick off went on in Germany in Dresden and Berlin where I was just shy 16 years old teenager pretending to be a rock singer in Martens boots.


Getmybuzzup: How did you get started with your music streaming service?

Marketa: The idea was born some time ago and based on my experience of indie author as well as a singer when I had disagreement with the music label. I remember Myspace and the way how we could stream new indie songs. It was a way how UK artists and one DJ in Las Vegas were discovered. Why not create new model of music platform for underground music if you have a dream and you make a dream a reality? I’d say the firm decision I uttered that word, I will mix music and tech, was done in 2017. I know even one company, Grosvenor Group purchased shares in Spotify that tries to offer direct upload option to the musicians recently, so my idea wasn’t so crazy in the end. But Spotify is struggling, streaming of music and royalties revenues from that are on the rise.


Getmybuzzup: How would you describe your sound?

Marketa: I am a rock chick girl in my heart but I grew up on black music, jazz and classical tunes. My sound will be something similar what I released as a singer back in 2007. Cover of jazz somg with electronic makeover and it also sums up fusion of music and tech for my music streaming platform Selfifi Music. If Simon Cowell hates quitar riffs, I love them, so electronic or rap beat. With nice, not rude language or mean like Simon Cowell.


Getmybuzzup: Who are your inspirations in the music industry?

Marketa: It will be long list like Kerouac’s book On the road written on the roll of the paper stuck in the typewriter. I use a typewriter only as a decoration with one portrait stuck in for the display but just naming one person from music who is close to my attitude, sense of humour,not so much with music or fashion style choice, it would be Dolly Parton. She is really cool and funny doll. Good inspiration for life. Her book libraries are great idea as unsung here. I hope we will have huge music library of unsung independent musicians to offer to the fanbase. Non stop ending playlist of cool tunes.

Marketa B. Linden W. Talks Selfifi Music Streaming Service, Inspirations, Producing Films & More [Interview]

Getmybuzzup: How do you go about writing a song and what is your process?

Marketa: I can speak only about writing lyrics rather than music, but it is two way carriage road. My old electro jazz cover was my idea when I bumped into talented Irish songwriter and he told me about electro music that I hate. I mentioned one old favourite jazz song of mine asking him if he can modernize it. The result was outstanding and he asked me back if I can write lyrics. Jazz is about rhythm but the cover was fast pace. Good challenge. My other process was always some sort of dialogue but I cannot write music, you need to click with people like you do being in the band.It is team work, always. Also creating Selfifi Music. Without fans, musicians, work behind, it would be bare tech platform. We aren’t Pied Pier of Hamelin who has roots in history as lonely wandering religious man playing flute and making people crazy in dancing frenzy.


Getmybuzzup: What are you currently working on?

Marketa: Legal paperwork about artists contracts, royalties and more tweaks on streaming platform.


Getmybuzzup: What is the concept behind your latest project?

Marketa: Build a community, indie music community. Why not? I cannot lose anything, they can only gain. Revolution of masses, discovering undiscovered. Giving them voice, giving me a direction from mainstream. There is only one, exit.


Getmybuzzup: What did you buy with your first check off music?

Marketa: I think I donated it to the victims of one natural disaster but it wasn’t vast sum. We hope to bring good revenues from music streaming to the artists and it would certainly more than being signed to the major label. Musicians make the most money from live performances without doubt and it doesn’t matter if it is local club or huge sport arena. There is only difference in fame but a lot of vloggers on YouTube that has similar concept were became famous and I think personally that only small percentage of successful vloggers have any talent to consider to the vast ocean of independent artists who can cherish on music to fan based platform.


Getmybuzzup: What are must haves when your in the studio working?

Marketa: No shoes on:]] for feeling the rhythm and just one headphone on one ear to hear myself singing, not a music from sound engineer. And coffee.


Getmybuzzup: What is the best piece of advice in this business you actually followed?

Marketa: Be yourself and connect. It pays off even now when we try to establish music catalogue and promotion. People remember. I am not a party animal but we get huge help from club promoters right now.


Getmybuzzup: Will you be collaborating with any other artists on this project or in the future?

Marketa: Let’s see how it goes. I daresay I hope for huge library of the music sounds and tracks to be streamed and listened, majority of that library based on independent musicians. Other form of collaboration such as mixing music styles and artists on the platform, it would be heaven but let’s see. I am always open to new things and ideas because it helps us to develop something new. Just now I got a suggestion to go into podcasts as well. Maybe it would be a mixture of music and spoken world in future here.


Getmybuzzup: Do you think your music is mostly enjoyed more for the beats or for the lyrical flow and content?

Marketa: It good question and it is difficult to reply. The structure on CD would be a layer off fast down the piste track and slow lyrical song and so. It sums up my ideal balance because I don’t like just one kind of the song. When we recorded songs for my CD that will be published on my platform and I just uploaded samples to Soundcloud, it was exactly this sandwich structure and I like fast dance tune as well as lyrical love ballad Coming Up to Air. And many songs were slow flow with guitar riffs or speedy ones with electronic beats. I like mish mash:]] I hope listeners find variety of songs and genres on Selfifi Music to enjoy.


Getmybuzzup: What area do you need to improve on in regards to your career? (Example: Better production, Delivery, Stage presence, etc..)

Marketa: Better self promotion (laughs)


Getmybuzzup: Tell us about some of the films that you have produced and what was it like producing?

Marketa: I produced small indie movies, from just financing to the practical help that will as experience paid off on music streaming platform, to education web series for US disadvantaged kids but my main domain are documentaries. My plan in pipeline is VOD TV and video streaming, maybe I can think about music videos in near future.


Getmybuzzup: What’s your all-time favorite song?

Marketa: I don’t have just one favourite one but my recent favourite song is Believer. And I still like one song by Amy Winehouse from heydays of Myspace.


Getmybuzzup: In your opinion who is the most influential and successful artist in your genre today and why?

Marketa: Many of them but there is one mainstream music star who made it without being signed to the major label. Her name is Lady Gaga and she was brilliant in the movie Star is born. Let’s see what we can do for that.


Getmybuzzup: Who have been some of your favorite artists that you’ve been able to work with?

Marketa: I met couple of famous musicians, some of them are bonkers, say Justin Bieber, some NHLers pretend they can sing and it is good fun and torture, so with Prince William sung at Zara Phillips’s wedding where I have been present. It was really out of tune and good fun when he tried Elvis Presley’s dancing moves singing Love Me Tender, Love Me True. Ugly truth is, he did bad split and it was torture to listen as well but he is welcome to upload his own cover version to Selfifi Music. I bumped into Paris Hilton in London at UK Music Award year ago. She sung Stars are blind, so was former soccer player Frank Lampard who mistook her with me as he didn’t recognise her and he got a tip about me by Czech soccer players (Papadopulos, Baros). The description stated a petite blonde, TV host. He married amazing brunette who is TV host and Paris went on claim she would have twins in London, called one of them China. I replied back, China is in London, she can call her daughter Soho. Let’s see now, she is getting married.And the best worst promo of mine was staged interview with one journalist at the red carpet of Pirates years back. I didn’t know that budding singers are often linked to the famous person who gives them a piggyback. I see it now on the singer model Beer who is signed up to one so called independent music streaming service. She was made famous by supposed affair with Justin Bieber. I was supposed to be linked with Christian Ronaldo who attended the premiere but I was aware of that. I compared myself to Johnny Depp how he is really short bonsai and the journalist approached me with the question what I think of Ronaldo. It was just around the match between his former team Manchester United against FC Liverpool where Wayne Rooney played and those two had many arguments in the game. I mentioned it as keen sport fan and I was told off afterwards I am completely useless and naive. Add some disagreement over the music content for Barbie pop machine and I say farewell. I just know the wife of my cousin, Kate, sent a request to Ronaldo on former music platform Myspace. Anvil documentary by Sasha Gervasi was brilliant to watch at one film premiere where Keanu Reeves was present. It is about independent music band and all obstacles in their way back and Gervasi himself is a father of former Spice Girls’ singer Geri Hallowell’s daughter who got once huge tantrum on the airport floor that I was joking she is a fusion of daddy with his script for movie Airport and OCD mummy Geraldine, who stocks food in her fridge in certain very precise way. The hysteria about Keanu Reeves as under radar star who is also a musician was pretty cool. Even a wife of former UK PM turned to the premiere of Anvil but the movie gives you good bittersweet glimpse into independent music industry and struggles to succeed. We are happy to get more chances in digital world. I have met many superb talented songwriters and musicians who just need a push or being lucky. Maybe my platform will help in this way and I will work with them. I also thinking about marketing for them.


Getmybuzzup: How do you feel about the current state of music?

Marketa: A lot of amazing songs and songwriters, musicians on one hand and very limited puddle of horrible mainstream ding dong music I break my nail,la la la, what a hell,na na na, offered by major labels and often radio stations.


Getmybuzzup: Any dream award shows you hope to one day play at?

Marketa: No, my dream is playing and streaming vast library of music on Selfifi Music. I was always good on playing on nerves and I cannot read music at all.


Getmybuzzup: What is your main goal as far as music?

Marketa: My music streaming platform kicking and going on well and high and higher. Right now.


Getmybuzzup: Who would you say your music relates to the most?

Marketa: Rock and classical music. I am cut from that cloth. Based on the lifestyle, clothes, behaviour. I am very classy and I like old good things in life, I am a rebel who loves to break rules and explore and venture into dessert to do something new.


Getmybuzzup: What separates you from other artists? (What’s makes you different?)

Marketa: Being IT girl, not It girl as many so called singers are in reality. Stars are blind often. And not being snake whisperer aka Lily Allen and her speaking into music in the background. Maybe not twerking and looking like Moulin Rouge and able to sing just with acoustic guitar. It is apparently similar like being without make up on and photoshop. Horrible:]]


Getmybuzzup: When your not in the studio, What do you like to do for fun and relaxation?

Marketa: Being with the partner, friends, with the book, fresh air often, in the saddle or in the water.


Getmybuzzup: If you could work with any producer who would it be?

Marketa: No idea. I met one at the beginning and he produced my electronic jazz fusion. Great meet up of two ideas and creating one project. Someone like that.


Getmybuzzup: What’s the biggest highlight of your career thus far?

Marketa: Being my own boss and having work as my hobby I like.


Getmybuzzup: What is your dream venue to perform at?

Marketa: It would be something like boutique sized venue with great acoustic or music festival. Not wedding of my cousin Zara where my other cousin Bill grabbed a mic and went on, out of the tune.


Getmybuzzup: What artist music are you currently a fan of?

Marketa: A lot of musicians, known or less known, from more genres.


Getmybuzzup: When performing live what are some of the things you do to get the crowd involved?

Marketa: Shame I have never did it except being in musicals. I’d say being grateful for fans before and after performance and I start thinking about music videos and video live streaming.


Getmybuzzup: When performing and the crowd is singing along how does that energy make you feel?

Marketa: When audience is clapping through the performance,it is like having goosebumps. I am sure it is the same when the crowd is singing with you.


Getmybuzzup: What can we expect from you in the future?

Marketa: I start to plan video music and live streaming. Let’s see.


Getmybuzzup: Where can the fans check out for your music?

Marketa: As an artist or just listener you can upload your music directly onto our platform or just sign up to Selfifi Music.


Getmybuzzup: Selfifi Music is European online music company founded in 2018 as a mix of music streaming service and social network for independent music. It offers free and paid premium plans for the listeners and 80% share from download sales to the musicians or an option to stream their music and being paid. The artists can upload their music directly without an approval and set up own singer/band page, plan the release date for their upcoming tracks. The listeners can create playlists, connect with the artists as well as other music fans. There is 14 days free trial and paid plans with unlimited or restricted access to the music library. Selfifi Music has own charts in different categories, also offers audio and podcast and the streaming speed is 320Kbps. Apps are coming out in 2019.


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Marketa B. Linden W. Talks Selfifi Music Streaming Service, Inspirations, Producing Films & More [Interview]

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