Max: Western Conference is a ‘wrap’ when Rockets start ‘actually playing well’ | First Take | ESPN

Max: Western Conference is a 'wrap' when Rockets start 'actually playing well' | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Max Kellerman says that the Western Conference is a “wrap” when the Houston Rockets start “actually playing well.”

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47 responses to “Max: Western Conference is a ‘wrap’ when Rockets start ‘actually playing well’ | First Take | ESPN”

  1. What’s with Stephen As fucked up moustache line?😭😭😭

  2. Western conference is a wrap once the rockets run into some real D

  3. SAS still hate on the rockets , he’s mad 😷

  4. When Warriors get Curry back they will be better. But when the Rockets get prince Moute back they will be just as formidable.
    As a rockets fan, I want warriors and Curry at 100%. I dont want any opportunities for excuses about nagging injuries, and not feeling well only 70%.
    This year the Rockets will be too much for even a 100% healthy Warriors.

  5. Max u stay suckin rockets dick !! timberwolves dont have A finals mvp n a regular season mvp in kd n 2 time mvp who dropped cp3 already n out plays him everytime in steph curry n a 3 point gaurd who can go off for 30 any given night as in klay n raining defensive player of da year in draymon !! jus watch

  6. Sup with cho mustache Stephen A??

  7. I've nvr seen such easy dismissal of a champion before maybe the 99 bulls but they brought back NO ONE LOL the warriors have all there horses back and still getting dismissed because of some minor injury to curry

  8. 3-1 lead rockets , theyre gonna choke

  9. This shit dumb asf the wolves a 8 seed why wouldn’t rockets win ?dumb ass mf ,rockets ain’t playing nobody unless they playing warriors in a 7 game series ✌🏾

  10. Capela can't protect the rim when he has to step out and guard the 3.Dubs have too many weapons plain n simple.

  11. I miss skip Bayless max is just a disgrace

  12. The rockets win like 5 more games than the warriors in the regular season when the warriors are injured and have just been to three straight championships and now the rockets are the far away favorites???

  13. I bet if warriors win against Houston max going to said warriors were better team watch.

  14. Max needs to go kill himself.

  15. I have bad news for you warrior fan boys, they won’t get beyond the pelicans. Rockets still winning the ship, if harden isn’t having a good game Chris Paul is going off. We have too many weapons

  16. This Max Kellerman bloke knows much about basketball as Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. So Kyrie, Lebron & Love barely take a game from the warriors and he thinks CP3 who has never been to a conference final, Harden who chokes in the playoffs are going to beat the warriors 4 times?? am I missing something here? I’d take Durant over CP3 & Harden combined, I didn’t even mention curry or Thompson yet 🤦🏽‍♂️ STOP IT

  17. Rockets dickriders🤦🏾‍♂️

  18. Pelicans are sweeping the warriors

  19. how the fuck do rockets score 50 points quarter ,and max be like rockets havent played a good game ? , wake up maxy , houston can play good games already

  20. Y’all talking about rockets vs warriors like the pelicans can’t beat the warriors 🤷🏾‍♂️

  21. 1:26 when max finished he did a pause knowing that was some stupid shit and wondering if he said it convincing enough. we all know 1 of them has to take upon some stupid bullshit opinion for the other to argue and this time max had it

  22. Kd will be for the next 3-4,years the man to beat in playoffs…
    If he get 4 rings than he catch LeBron definitely.
    If he get this minutes what LeBron gets in season then he will catch him .
    But LeBron is LeBron he will always play for stats and play 38 minutes in regular season ghhhh
    That's crazy

  23. Who is trying to get my attention at 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the morning?????!!!!? I have to go into work everyday and SOME LAME WANTS ME TO GET UP FOR WHAT??!! I want this activity to cease and assist right way like, NOW!!!! On Friday and Saturday morning it is even WORST!!!! I don't appreciate being disturbed on a regular basis for no reason and this PERSON is getting away with violating my right to PRIVACY and a restful sleep!!!! Whoever is doing this pick UP A phone and call because that conversation is NOT GOING TO GO WELL!!!!

  24. These dumbass questions bro…

  25. Rockets look kinda inconsistent.

  26. Idk . I do want to see Houston in the finals, but then curry comes back then who will stop kd too ..

  27. Rockets are struggling in the 3’s rn. It’s good to have harden a back up all star because if he choke there will be a guy who can back him up. Minnesota is very good in defense and they are losing because they don’t have a legit scorer. Wiggins,teague,jamal and KAT struggle to score.

  28. Warrior defence will make rockets crumble

  29. When the warriors get their asses handed to them I'm sure excuses will arise "curry was injured"

  30. Harden already better than A.I. no disrespect

  31. Lol they've played one good quarter.

  32. Sad truth is the wack ass warriors and Lurries bitch ass are winning the chip…..AGAIN

  33. The disrespect against the Rockets – a team with a better win record than anyone, 50 POINT QUARTER last game, and Harden's 41 POINT GAME 1 to disprove the "choke" forecasters – is just ridiculous at this point. And, that's not even considering that GS has to beat the Pelicans first – that doesn't look like a cakewalk either.

  34. Rocket bandwagons swear up and down they were the defending champs lmao.

  35. Fuck the Warriors! Houston we taking it all the way this year baby ! 🤘🏻🚀🏆

  36. People sleep on these rockets…idk how u stop that offensive..they were rank one the top 5 offensives in history during the season.. N their a great defense this season.. The wolves have a good defense to n they still drop 50

  37. #Golden state warriors 2018 NBA champion back to back

  38. Golden state warriors 2018 NBA champion back to back…… I call out you the warriors knowing how to win… The warriors is experiencing beating cavaliers… Warriors beat LeBron James and Kyrie Irving….chris Paul and James Harden…. Who is this 2 small guy

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