MC Serch and Vlad Discuss the History of White Rappers (Part 1)

In this clip, MC Serch and Vlad have an in-depth conversation about the impact and influence of Serch’s group 3rd Bass. According to Vlad 3rd Bass is the first traditional white hip-hop group whose impact can be felt through a host of white artists today. However, MC Serch challenged that notion saying that 3rd Bass having a major influence outside of their own epoch is overstating the matter. To MC Serch, 3rd Bass hasn’t had the impact of an Eminem or an Action Bronson for that matter.

MC Serch is working on Hip Hop’s first book/album. To support Serch’s Kickstarter campaign go to:

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Sat Oct 27 , 2018
Zias and B. Lou of the popular YouTube reaction page ZIAS! spoke to VladTV about meeting while playing football for the University of Tulsa. Both said that they didn't have ambitions of playing for the NFL after injuries, including a serious concussion for B. Lou.  Zias and B. Lou also spoke about starting their YouTube page and getting their first viral video, which you can hear more about above.