McGrady Calls Russell Westbrook Todays Allen Iverson: “He can’t play with other stars” | The Jump

McGrady Calls Russell Westbrook Todays Allen Iverson: "He can't play with other stars" | The Jump

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27 responses to “McGrady Calls Russell Westbrook Todays Allen Iverson: “He can’t play with other stars” | The Jump”

  1. Absolutely. A super talented guy who can't play with anyone and will most likely never win anything. Sounds about right.

  2. I don't get the comparison, Allen Iverson had a team that sucked, that's why he never won a ring during his prime.

  3. Wow T Mac I can't believe you called Westbrook another Allen Iverson smh. This coming from a man who never even took his team pass the 2nd round, Did more in the regular season than the playoffs if anything YOU'RE more of a Russell than Allen is.

  4. iverson in his prime dont have a teamate like kd harden oladipo steve adams paul george and carmelo…. AI best teamate is aaron mackie 6th man eric snow his back court tandem and old dikembe a defensive player of the year

  5. That’s crazy because lebron is the same but you never mention that

  6. You gotta put athletic stars around him who are good shooters and cutters. Tbh a Kawhi Leonard can run with Russ. If I could construct the right team around Russ I’d go with.
    Jimmy butler

  7. They have something in common… "never won a ring"

  8. Iverson led the league in assists? Damn.. He was wayy better than I remember.

  9. Now that make sense wat T-mac said

  10. Man this comment section is full of idiots

  11. ? I don't remember Iverson ever playing with another I don't know what he's talking about. Their team that went to the finals was Iverson and a bunch of role players who could defend well. After that they didn't give Iverson much to work with in Philly.

  12. I'd agree, don't fuck wit t Mac but he rite tho!

  13. Been saying it for years!!!

  14. I somewhat agree with T Mac but of you put those players around Westbrook when they lose people will say he doesn't have enough help scoring

  15. T Mac luv you man but stop it. I remember your playing days you were in the same boat. Melo is done George and russ played well together. No supporting cast means no chips.

  16. Very accurate (mcgrady), however… if russ gets injured then the team suffers hence why ai never won.

  17. I would have to agree due to the competition Russell Westbrook is faceing.. he hasn't won..
    in today's NBA. He Emulates Allen Iverson also by displaying his cultural apparell perspective and scoring Tenacity…. Plus he is close to 6'3 and a 1/2 And extremely athletic.

  18. he leadss the nba back to back in assists?? lol

  19. Russ = Stat padding player

  20. So it means you should adapt to Russ system? If Russ wont become team player he won’t win nba championship….

  21. Other stars? Russell can't play with anybody.

  22. Russ is in the West which is a lot more difficult to win. And his style is so unique that it is hard to gauge who should be put around him to be successful. AI did it once playing with role players and got to the Finals. Can we do the same thing with Russ? Maybe ?

  23. I agree with tmac but he couldn’t even get out the first round lmao he shouldn’t be talking

  24. I feel like nowadays people forget how much trash talk AI recieved. All the hate that Russ gets is like half of what AI got.

  25. … Really??… The guy who never brought a team out the second round talking about Iverson?… smh…

  26. I find it weird some.shit on him for defering. Then praise kd for defering. Contradicting much. Golden State dickriders are triggered

  27. a point guard he can't defer smh.

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