Meek Mill Gets Insane Ovation at Sixers Game After Prison Release | TMZ Sports

Meek Mill just walked on the court at the Wells Fargo Center — wearing a Joel Embiid jersey — and the crowd lost their minds!!!


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29 thoughts on “Meek Mill Gets Insane Ovation at Sixers Game After Prison Release | TMZ Sports

  1. All this praise for Meek Mill like he was imprisoned doing something righteous. SMH once people's priorities all f*ked up, in complete reverse. This negro Meek will be in trouble again in less than a year..WATCH.

  2. It is good to see another free black man. Especially in the city of Philadelphia where it does not live up to its name as the "City of Brotherly Love." I was born and raised in Philadelphia and there is no love in this City especially amongst black people directed towards one another. This city has a lot of sellout uncle toms. I hope Meek Mill will stay out of prison for good and never return. I also hope Meek Mill and every rapper in the world will use this time to stop using the NWORD in their lyrics. It sounds ignorant and black people are the only race of people who are constantly minimizes their own race of people with the repeated use of this disgraceful word. It unconscious pulls the black race down and it so evil. Back in the day, the songs black people sang were positive and sent real messages. There not only needs to be prison reform for black males. There also needs to be reform in the lyrics of rap music. So sick of the constant use of that word. It is ignorant and just as equally offensive when a black people direct it towards one another in any context. Believe me, it is not a term of love and endearment when black people direct it towards one another. Also, black women need to stop calling one another 'girl." That is also an unconscious form of minimizing one another. Anyways, Rappers please begin to show more respect in your lyrics and please stop disrespecting women and the stop the repeated use of profane disrepectful language in your lyrics. Remember, it sounds dumb and ignorant and in order to get respect, you must earn it. Most lyrics in rap music has been sounding ignorant, violent, and is sending a negative messages to the youth for years. There must be prison reform for the massive rates of black incarcertion. However, these rappers also need to reform the messages in their lyrics by stopping the repeated and disrepectful use of the NWORD. You can also start there. You are unconsciously minimizing yourselves and the entire black race down. Please stop it. It not only sounds ignorant, it is an embarrassment and a disgrace that is constantly used in rap lyrics. Are the white record producers making you include that mess in your lyrics to make records? If so, you are sellouts and negatively brainwashing the minds of black youth who listen to your music. Remember, words hurt.

  3. Tommorrow: ISIS gets standing ovation. why we glorifying and defending criminals? cuz he makes good music? listen his stuff go hard on the real (his lyrics don't but..) he's had issues in the past. this was coming for him. your not NORMAL if you go to jail like WHY WE GLORIFYING THIS GUY? YO this is why your country USA is messed up

  4. who the fuck is meek mill!!!!???? a less than average rapper who got locked up for no reason but why is everybody on his dick??????

  5. Nobody cares about mill Meeks you guys are standing up for a guy doesn't give a s*** about you you guys forgot he beat up Safari how you end up in jail for 4 years and get out at 3 months somebody snitching

  6. Wow so much hate in the comments. Crazy how no one would say it to Meek's face. Even crazier to think that Meek has given and done more for people than most of the people talking shit about him.

  7. Oh yeah let’s celebrate some asshole shit rapper for getting out of prison.. congrats you’re still a fuck up trash ass rapper congrats!

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