39 thoughts on “MEEK MILL IS FREE! Supreme Court Stepped In… ‘Hold up Wait a Minute’

  1. J Tower And MReck Meek Mill Should Name His Next Album " FreeDom Over Fame , Fourtune" The First Single Called "Free At Last" With Rick Ross , T.I. , Kevin Hart With ProDuctions Of Murda Beats Or The Runners , Mike Will Made It

  2. God aint help dude. But im glad he free. Them billionaire jews those two guys that visited him in jail they need meek to push that agenda so they pulled some strings. Glad the brother home though

  3. Let me just say I’m happy he’s free but really come on now ? You know how many people have sat in jail on some bullshit the Supreme Court never steps in these fast to help anybody these is bullshit these is crazy ! Wow tell me what money won’t do

  4. aahhh they let the not so tough gangster baby rapper out now he can stop crying but half of pa is still in jail listening to his trash music…

  5. Stupid judge remove your self away from your self and see how u playing yourself’ she tried all her possible means to down play our dream but at the end we still winning and chasing more dreams

  6. Supreme court did not step in! He filed an appeal,once they grant it…it allows you a bond! Smh,you should stop reporting court info if you do not know how the process goes! Thank you!

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