Meek Mill Is Working to Free a Million People from the Criminal Justice System

Meek Mill explains how an arrest at 19 years old put him on probation for his entire adult life and why he teamed up with Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin to reform the criminal justice system.

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Meek Mill Is Working to Free a Million People from the Criminal Justice System


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25 thoughts on “Meek Mill Is Working to Free a Million People from the Criminal Justice System

  1. I'm glad that he is using his platform to help other people, props to Meek Mill

  2. Somebody save Meek , can you all feel all the shit he been through

  3. The amount of people being wrongfully funneled into the CJS is what's really criminal.

  4. so wrong and unjustified and causes more crime, and looking people up for unnecessary crimes or even probation for that period of time is corrupt. it is controlled by the private prison system in his area and they want it like that they can make more money for the greedy pocket on the Misery of others and sponsor judges and politicians to keep the status quo. an outrage totally wrong.

  5. Jimmy needs to bring more people like meek really enjoyed there conversation

  6. I love Jimmy but he doesn't need a talk show. All he wants to do is be goofy. Meek should go to the other Jimmy… I love Jimmy F but Jimmy K asks questions that matter and has way better monologues that are informative but still funny… I guess what I'm saying is, grow tf up Jimmy F!

  7. ***I'M GOING TO SOUND LIKE THE "ANGRY BLACK MAN"***… BUUUT… this has been going on for YEARS. Basically since 1865… Which is what 👀? But hey, that goes without saying. If you haven't seen it yet, look up "13th" on Netflix. It'll do more justice than this post ever can/will…. And on a further note… Wake up guys. Because I'm tired of this living in this shit. Get it together.

    Yours truly,
    A Millennial

  8. Suppose you wanted to destroy a nation. How might you go about it?
    Well, for starters, you could flood their lands with millions of people of another race.
    Then you could encourage people to assimilate and mix together until there were no more people of the original race left.
    Then you could call anyone "racist" who objected to any of this, and get them fired from their jobs.
    Have you noticed something? This is exactly what is happening to White people in White countries right now.
    Diversity is a codeword for White genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  9. 1:46 … "Caucasian kids…" 1:52 "They go to treatment (Caucasians), we go straight to jail (blacks)…" — Okay, 2 minutes in, heard enough. Lates.

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