Meek Mill Talks #FreekMeek, Kanye West & Helping Others Regain Freedom

Check Out The Full Extensive Conversation w/ Meek Mill Here:

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I have a passion for blogging about what's trending in Hip Hop, R&B, and Celebrity Entertainment. I'm a huge sports fan; my favorite teams are The NY Knicks & NY Jets. I also enjoy spending time with family, and working hard as hard work pays off.

49 thoughts on “Meek Mill Talks #FreekMeek, Kanye West & Helping Others Regain Freedom

  1. For Gods sake spit the fucking gum out sheesh. And to say you're gonna level up and leave the jewelry alone and buy property on but still play with the jewelry come on brother. Take advantage of your wealth and learn from your peers. This rap shit dont last forever. Real estate, business, tech investments etc should be what you focus on. Dont waste your money on material shit that cant or wont benefit your family later in life

  2. Angie showing her true colours here. Especially during the discussion about Kanye where Meek was showing empathy. Trying to shut him down and lead the conversation into one of attacking Ye. This is confirmed as following on from that convo she leads Meek to talk and clown on Safaree. This bitch is a devil.

  3. Things happen for a reason. I'm glad he out, and hopefully he changed for the better. I like how he's talking about the other injustices with this system…especially in Philly.

  4. I'm glad he out. Imo, I don't think the judge was being too bias…but she just felt what she felt. She was fair to him during the probation….and even after he's out now, for allowing him to perform now….which she could've denied. I think the issues with them started when his defense was getting desperate at a time, and they starting trying to throw dirt and shit…corruption in this judicial system(which wasn't with their judge…but they tried to put ALL The Blame on the judge, which was stupid, imo). So that's how that started their issues. But I think she felt she was being fair overall.

  5. For the past 4 years, I've been a target of the #nypd. They've arrested me 13 times within the 4 years. Due to my legal studies and my innocence, 8 of those cases have been dismissed in my favor. The #Manhattan district attorney's office and the nypd are both accusing me of punching an elderly White #woman on the same block as Mayor DeBlasio's office (Centre St. and Park Row). There are over 10 government #cameras that line the block yet the nypd says "all of the cameras in the area on the day of incident were inoperable". 📹 😑😐 They are attempting to destroy my #life and put me away in #prison for my #activism. My story of multiple false arrest, entrapment and police/prosecutor/judicial misconduct is news-worthy.

  6. Angie Martinez misses all the important stuff, He said he will not be a felon anymore and all she said was no more probation. F probation the man will not be a felon anymore, that's huge. He was locked up with someone who was innocent who's been in their 26 years and she just breezed right past it not feeling it at all. She's just a pampered none sympathetic human. This is why the breakfast club is killing everybody else I have to admit Charlemagne is the best in the business.

  7. Respect. Meek sounds very grounded and I applaud that he is keeping the light shining on justice reform to help people who are still unfairly incarcerated or dealing with absurdly long probation periods. Looking forward to that documentary and new music.

  8. That’s real what he said about killings in our own communities we need to hold ourselves accountable too for some of our actions 2 wrongs don’t make a right✊🏿

  9. Proud of how dude is thinking and where his mindset is at I know a lot of kids follow and look up to him this gives me hope that it will save and help shift kids futures in a positive way this is what we need.

  10. It's another foreign feeling watching meek in this interview. im super happy my dude is out & living life again it was ridiculously hard not really knowing if he was going to be released or kept in solitary confinement.💔💯i know for a fact he was probably at his weakest mentally, being in prison plays russian roulette on your emotions. "rihmeek looks health & in a better head space, it's dream chasers till the death & their is no death just a different vessel. i love you meek milly..

  11. All these celebs talk what they gonna do and what needs to be done. But meek went thru it and doing something for a REAL change and not looking for the ACTIVIST title. Much Respect. !

  12. I genuinely need help my girl needs to return back to Africa and we don't have money for her air ticket which is 700 canadian dollars ..pls help me

  13. 7:027:18 that's exactly what I've been saying about black people doing this dumb shit with somebody in your community gets killed but they don't do shit! Then when a cop kills a black person everybody want to March and shit it's fucking bullshit! Motherfuckers need to treat people in your hood just like the people that get killed by cops, but it is what it is people always be selective when it comes to a lot of shit. And that's sad in itself for real!

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