Michael B. Jordan On Attending Met Gala, ‘Black Panther’ Success, ‘Fahrenheit 451’ | The View




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50 thoughts on “Michael B. Jordan On Attending Met Gala, ‘Black Panther’ Success, ‘Fahrenheit 451’ | The View

  1. If Michael B came on campus when I was in school I probably would have graduated 😂♥️

  2. From a 90% black cast, black screen writers, black director. To break has many box office records as it did, it was definitely ground breaking and opened so many doors for people of color in the future.

  3. this guy is actually homophobic. go watch the interview with the gay guy interviewing him and he gets uncomfortable and stand offish for no reason. typical black monkey

  4. It's so hilarious to me to see all these black women giving all these pity compliments and thirst for this lame receding weak chin llama looking dude who's not even that cute just because he's black. And he doesn't even like BLACK GIRLS! LOL He only dates white girls!

  5. What was up with African american panther whoopi? the cast was black and the panther costume was literally black. The nation consisted of black africans as well. would've made more sense if you'd said "black and purple panther"

  6. I didn't know who he was as I haven't been able to see Black Panther yet (no time with work and the baby). I just watched this interview and fell in love with him! I see through his amazing looks…He is a free thinker and a deep soul. Loved the depth to his words. Gonna have to look him up! 😍

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