Michael B. Jordan On Attending Met Gala, ‘Black Panther’ Success, ‘Fahrenheit 451’ | The View

Michael B. Jordan On Attending Met Gala, 'Black Panther' Success, 'Fahrenheit 451' | The View


50 responses to “Michael B. Jordan On Attending Met Gala, ‘Black Panther’ Success, ‘Fahrenheit 451’ | The View”

  1. He looks so huggable 😭

  2. Looking fresh to death Micheal B

  3. what happened to his neck? some sort of injury?

  4. If Michael B came on campus when I was in school I probably would have graduated 😂♥️

  5. From a 90% black cast, black screen writers, black director. To break has many box office records as it did, it was definitely ground breaking and opened so many doors for people of color in the future.

  6. laniciastanley Avatar

    Man Crush Everyday😍😘😍

  7. His death on The Wire was heartbreaking

  8. He is handsome and seems like a good guy 🙂

  9. I think whoops means African panther because wakanda is 1000% not in the US LOLOL

  10. My future King 👑 ❤

  11. this guy is actually homophobic. go watch the interview with the gay guy interviewing him and he gets uncomfortable and stand offish for no reason. typical black monkey

  12. he’s so humble 😩😍❤️

  13. lol i love Whoopi! great interview

  14. I like that he doesn't hide that he loves playing video games or that he spent a Saturday night at home by himself

  15. 😍😻😍😻😍😻😍😻

  16. He was in my school and didn’t get to see him😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 life is not fairrree

  17. It's so hilarious to me to see all these black women giving all these pity compliments and thirst for this lame receding weak chin llama looking dude who's not even that cute just because he's black. And he doesn't even like BLACK GIRLS! LOL He only dates white girls!

  18. I hate watching the view on YouTube because of the saturation. They NEED to tone it down

  19. I’m Sunny! Ha ❤️❤️❤️❤️bae! Asf

  20. LOL who ever cooked that soul food has to be embarrassed lol. It's okay, I can't cook either sis lol

  21. Michael, get your stylist together, shiiiish #TooBright

  22. I remember him from the wire. He is very good looking. Only reason why I seen the movie lol

  23. MBJ is such a sweet heart ♥️

  24. So l guess we have our next Denzel Washington!

  25. Ladies stop the lusting, next we hear from # me Too! All the guys are not guilty!

  26. awww he plays video games😍😍 . im in love

  27. Every time he saids “U know” I wanna kiss him! 😘💋

  28. Gawd, he is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  29. I was studying for my final and stopped when I saw this video 😭😭😭😍

  30. Watch out for the #metoo thots. Make sure they sign a consent form before you smash.

  31. Michael, I could've cooked you a homemade Mexican meal 😉

  32. He sucks but Joy sucks more

  33. I like this guy! Maybe Kanye could learn something from him

  34. He’s so humble! Shout out to him, he really deserves his success x

  35. Who said Black Panther wouldn’t be a huge hit?

  36. #BaeGoals I love some Michael B 😍😍😍

  37. Is he trying to match the style of Chadwick?

  38. He's fine but I hate when people wave like that…I find it condescending….

  39. What was up with African american panther whoopi? the cast was black and the panther costume was literally black. The nation consisted of black africans as well. would've made more sense if you'd said "black and purple panther"

  40. Ugh his smile 😍😍😍 omg

  41. Eating a cheesestake and playing video games is basically what I did this weekend too.

  42. I didn't know who he was as I haven't been able to see Black Panther yet (no time with work and the baby). I just watched this interview and fell in love with him! I see through his amazing looks…He is a free thinker and a deep soul. Loved the depth to his words. Gonna have to look him up! 😍

  43. I never klicked so quick in my entire life.

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