Michael Eric Dyson Drops TONS Of Gems On Obama, The Flag, Kanye & More!

Michael Eric Dyson passed through to have a very intellectual conversation on tons of different subjects including Barack Obama, Kanye West, Malcolm X, today’s activism

His book ‘What Truth Sounds Like’ Is Out Now

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Allen Iverson QUITS Ice Cubes BIG 3 Basketball League For Good?!?!

Thu Jun 7 , 2018
Say It Aint SoAllen Iverson announced on Wednesday in an Instagram post that he will not be coaching 3's Company when the second season of the BIG3 tips off later this month: "Due to scheduling conflicts, I have informed the @thebig3 that I will not coach this year and they support me in this decision. However, do know that this does not end my association or support of the league and I will attend games this season whenever able. "I wish the league continued success. I encourage my fans to continue to support the Big 3 as I will. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Big 3 Family in its inaugural season. When my friend and idol, Ice Cube asked me to get involved in helping him I did not hesitate and would do it all again in at a moment's notice. I wish the league the players, coaches and fans continued success this and every season that follows."
Allen Iverson QUITS Ice Cubes BIG 3 Basketball League For Good?!?!