Mike Tyson High on Life, Fighting Under Influence, Loss, Legacy & 25 yrs Ago vs Holyfield

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25 years ago today, the infamous fight between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield occurred…and man that doesn’t even seem that long ago which means we are getting old! 

But in a special edition of The Pivot, we are sitting down with the legend himself, Mike Tyson in a conversation covering everything from boxing, the highs and lows, evolving, relationships and business endeavors. 
Considered the baddest mother f’er on the planet, the respect and admiration spans decades but so do the questions, as Ryan, Fred and Channing dive into the life and legacy not only one of the world’s greatest athletes of all time but one of biggest bad asses we’ve ever seen.

Mike opens up about some of the low moments shaping the man he is today and the transition from athlete to entrepreneur which has helped him get back on his feet after years of trials and tribulations. 

Crediting his wife Kiki for a lot of his transformation, Mike goes in depth about evolving, having his heart broken and going to jail, which ironically, he says was the most peace he ever had in his life. Without all the loss, we never would see the rise.

Mike’s new venture of Tyson 2.0 with his cannabis, Tyson bites and chocolates are opened during the episode making for a raw but epic show. And of course, Channing and Mike have to talk about the females over the years and compare stories which has everyone in tears. Tyson also reveals that his recent fights he fought on shrooms and wish he was able to do it during his actual career.

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