Mobile game engine of the day – Cocos2d

Mobile game development has a huge market in today’s world, and there is no doubt about that. As smartphone technologies are growing at a rapid speed, we are seeing amazing games around us. However, in case if you are also planning to develop mobile games, then you probably have heard of Cocos2D.

It is one of the best platforms in today’s time to create 2D mobile games. And there are lots of reasons behind it. However, in case if you are wondering why you choose cocos2d game development and not something else. Then here are some of the reasons to make you understand in a better way:

Mobile game engine of the day – Cocos2d

Programming language

Talking about the programming language at first, well the best part of the Cocos2D is that it uses C ++. And since C++ is one of the first programming languages hence almost everyone knows about it. Using C++ and Cocos2d you will be able to write algorithms easily, and place graphics and images using some lines of codes only.

However, the drawback of this framework is that it does not let us use other popular programming languages like JavaScript. But overall, building games with Cocos2D is not as hard as it seems. You just need to be pretty good at C++.


The best part of Cocos2d is that it supports cross-platform. This means that games developed using Cocos2d will be able to run on different platforms like Android and iOS. As a result, you will not need to code the same game for multiple platforms instead it will work on both of the platforms. Even if you want to build games for browsers then Cocos2D can also be pretty much helpful. However, the browser game development is quite tough with Cocos2D. Instead, you can try out some of the other game frameworks.

Learning Time

You do not need to think about learning time at all. As long as you are good at C++, Cocos2D will be an easy journey. The best part of Cocos2D is that there are quite a lot of blogs and videos are available related to the topic. There is quite a lot of documentation are available related to iOS and Android development. Also, you will find easy to understand documentation too which will help you to get started with game development as soon as you start coding.  Also, there are quite a lot of forums are out there related to cocos2d from where you can seek help if you stuck anywhere.


In the end, the best part of cocos2d is that it has a great community behind it. There are quite a lot of developers out there who often share their codes and learnings to the newcomers. You can look for such pieces of information on websites like Stackoverflow, Github and so on. Also, the forums are always active and people just love to answer other questions and help them out.

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Mobile game engine of the day - Cocos2d

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