Mother Of Kamiyah Mobley Say’s She Wishes She Would’ve Never Come Back

The story of Kamiyah Mobley has been a touchy subject for two years. The girl who was once known as Alexis Manigo was stolen from her mother Shanara Mobley at birth by her kidnapper Gloria Williams. Gloria raised Kamiyah as Alexis for 18 years and Kamiyah did not learn the truth of her true identity until she went to apply for a job and found out that her birth certificate and social security card was fake. The woman who she thought was her mother had to fess up and let Kamiyah know the truth. Gloria was locked up after the truth was revealed by one of Kamiyah’s friends and Kamiyah was later introduced to her birth parents. Because she was still close to the woman that kidnapped her, her birth mother Shanara had a hard time grasping to the fact that she was losing her daughter once again. She recently did an interview where she stated that she wishes Kamiyah would’ve never come back because it is causing issues with her other kids that have to now fight on their mothers behalf. What do you think about what she said?

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England fans take to the streets of London after defeat - Daily Mail

Fri Jul 13 , 2018
Crushed England fans have woken up wishing last night was a bad dream after the Three Lions crashed out of the World Cup. People drowned their sorrows in pubs up and down the country as their dreams were shattered after three weeks of historic goal-scoring, celebrations and lifted spirits. Fans were left devastated as Croatian forward Mario Mandzukic scored a second goal to take the lead in the second half of extra time and streets were filled with people holding their head in their hands after the 2-1 loss. England lost 2-1 to Croatia in a nail-biting showdown in Moscow watched on television by almost half the UK population. After the game, fans were pictured in cities across the UK including Manchester, Newcastle and London with flags draped across their backs as their hopes were dashed. But chaos ensued as the heartache turned to fury and brawls spilled onto the streets between intoxicated revellers in Birmingham and Liverpool. Original Article: Original Video: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: Daily Mail Snap: Daily Mail Twitter: Daily Mail Pinterest: Daily Mail Google+: Get the free Daily Mail mobile app:
England fans take to the streets of London after defeat - Daily Mail