How Motorcycle Riders Can Dress Up in The Right Way?

Motorcycle Riders

By Jack Barnes

Nothing can replace the feeling of having a perfect bike ride. As the weather continues to rise, more people are choosing to ride a motorcycle. When gearing up for a ride, there are numerous factors that should influence you keeping both safety and comfort in mind. Riding a motorcycle is 33 times more dangerous than driving a car. Don’t let that scare you, with the proper clothing you can enjoy how amazing riding is. Feeling good and looking good is the key to the best ride. Read on for everything a motorcycle rider needs to know.

  1. Helmet: The Most Valuable Asset

Always wear a helmet while riding. It is the most valuable asset any rider can own. It not only protects you from brain damage but also helps you keeping your hair and bugs away from your face while riding which thus helps in better concentration. Try buying a full-face helmet than just the normal head one. Get the best you can afford and make sure that it is not ill-fitted.

  1. Gloves

While riding a bike, your hands are often exposed too much and are thus prone to injuries caused by weather and surrounding vehicles. Even if it is the warmest weather one could experience, do not forget to wear your gloves. They are sure to protect you from getting scraped during accidents and also reducing the tan and minor wear and tear during rides.

  1. Fitted Tee

Wear a fitted tee as a base layer. It not only pops that tinge of color and contrast to your overall look but also helps absorb sweat and keep the rest of the layers clean. As all the biker’s outfits usually have a dark tone, these base layers add a perfect background to set them off. Fitted tee does not mean it has to be a size smaller, it means keeping it as fitted as comfortably possible. Make sure it’s not too baggy or too tight. Tuck in the fitted tee and keep the jacket or button down loose to add that rebellious look.

  1. Quality Denim

If you are up for a long adventurous ride to the desired place, a local ill-fitted denim is surely not your best friend. For the extended riding, you need riders basic, a good quality pair of denim that is made to provide you breathability, coverage, and comfort is the one. You can visit Bikers Basics to checkout reviews of some great products. Don’t go for fitted jeans just for the sake of style, rather go for a classic straight denim that is reliable and provide you that vintage, worn-in look keeping all your needs in mind.

  1. The Perfect Pair of Shoes

Believe it or not, the most amount of risk while riding is taken by your feet and ankles. Try opting for shoes that give you the maximum coverage and are sturdy enough to prevent your feet from getting any kind of damage in case of accidents. You don’t have to invest in boots that are just made for motorcycling and have those metal plates and all, just the general safety boots that have some metal projection would work and are sturdy even for walking.

  1. Bikers Accessories

Safety is very important but style does have its own place. One should never comprise on styling as bike riding itself is a very fashionable chic sport. Find the perfect kind of chunky, heavy rings and chains to heighten the look. Don’t be afraid of jewelry that’s outspoken and loud, they will compliment you.

  1. The Leather Jacket

Undoubtedly a biker’s jacket is the best part of a biker’s wardrobe. You can spot a biker from a far distance if he is wearing a jacket. Jacket not only makes on look amazing but also provides safety while riding. While buying the jacket pay attention to its cut and comfort. These jackets have elbow guards, shoulder and spine protection and therefore are worth the price.

Now that you know all the basic you have to keep in mind while dressing up for a ride, try passing on this information with all your biker friends and don’t compromise on your look. Be the fashion star while riding and have a safe and fun ride!

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How Motorcycle Riders Can Dress Up in The Right Way?

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