Mr. Criminal on Facing 12 Years in Prison at 18 After Crimes Piled Up, Got Off (Part 5)

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In this clip, Mr. Criminal talked about becoming a father at 15. Despite still being a child himself, Mr. Criminal said he understands the weight of responsibility he had to bare as a result of fatherhood. He said that while still heavy in the streets he made time to handle his responsibilities. Mr. Criminal detailed how at 18 he was facing 12-years in prison but the judge reconsidered sending him away in an effort to give him an opportunity to be there for his son and make sure he didn’t follow a similar path.

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SOB X RBE on Doing 'Paramedic' with Kendrick on Black Panther Soundtrack (Part 3)

Tue Oct 16 , 2018
Watch Part 2: Part 1: ------------------------------- In this clip, SOB x RBE talked about their strategy of releasing new music with music videos. They also discussed the process of going gold as an independent group. SOB x RBE got a lot of attention after appearing on the Black Panther soundtrack and the group talked about how that track came into fruition and what it was like recording with Kendrick Lamar.