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By Jack Barnes


I can’t believe I waited this long to finally see The Bourne Supremacy, the sequel to 2002’s The Bourne Identity, a film that I really dug.

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) has been living in India with his girlfriend, Maria (Franka Potente), but when a Russian agent (Karl Urban) frames Jason Bourne for the murder of two CIA agents, trouble spreads.

First of all, Matt Damon gives an awesome performance as Jason Bourne, which alone allows me to give it a good recommendation. Although, it sort of slows down close to the end, I really can’t stop thinking about that Moscow car chase. It’s really cool.

The Bourne Supremacy also includes great camerawork by director Paul Greengrass, so I’m hoping he’ll stay for the third installment, which I can’t wait to see on go .


In case you didn’t know, The Chronicles of Riddick is the sequel to 2000’s Pitch Black, which I didn’t like, because it was too dark (literally). But I think that was the point. Now, even though I didn’t like Pitch Black, I like it a lot more than its sequel, because unlike The Chronicles of Riddick, which is rated PG-13, Pitch Black was rated R, which meant that it had more of a sense of horror rather than just simply action.

Anyways, I saw The Chronicles of Riddick way back in April at a test screening, and I hated it. Maybe because all of the special effects weren’t completed, but then again, I had a huge problem with the story. That was because the story showed no sign of life. Sort of like Vin Diesel’s acting ability.

Here’s a little note of advice for Vin Diesel: When you get your paycheck, I only ask that you invest ten dollars by renting The Rundown. Watch it a few times, while taking a couple of notes. You could learn something from The Rock, who can not only act, but he also shows a sign of charisma in his characters. Yeah, that even includes Walking Tall.

In simpler words: The Chronicles of Riddick gets an A in special effects, a C in acting, and an F in story. You do the math.



In Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain, Ennis (Heath Ledger), a ranch hand, and Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal), a rodeo cowboy, take a summer job tending a flock of sheep at Brokeback Mountain. They unexpectedly fall in love, but living in conservative times, the two are afraid to publicly show their love for one another. Both of them don’t even know how to continue with that love after their summer job comes to an end. However, time itself changes their lives when both of them go their separate ways and get married. Michelle Williams’ plays Ennis’ wife, Alma, and Anne Hathaway plays Jack’s wife, Lureen. By exchanging postcards, Ennis and Jack meet once a year at Brokeback Mountain to continue with their love; keeping it a secret which only Brokeback Mountain itself knows of.

The entire cast, including Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Michelle Williams provided great performances. It was also nice to see Anne Hathaway in a different role that she is used to. Anna Faris provided a funny cameo. She always seems to turn unexpectedly in great movies (May, Lost In Translation).

I must say that Brokeback Mountain is the beautiful story of the endurance and power of love between two people. We thankfully live in a time where you can openly love someone who happens to be the same sex. Ennis and Jack did not. However, America (and other countries as well) do not recognize same sex marriage. For reasons to not get into a political debate, I will keep my beliefs to myself. But it should be noted that Brokeback Mountain makes a giant statement: Ain’t no mountain high, ain’t no valley low, ain’t no river wide enough, that will keep Ennis and Jack’s love from each other. Read more Movie review on 123 Movies

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Must Watch Movies

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