Nail Salon Workers Beat BLACK Customer Over ‘Botched’ Eyebrow Job

New Red Apple Nail Inc in Brooklyn New York is receiving a lot of backlash after a video went viral of the employees beating 3 black women for an unpaid service. A grandmother and her two grand-daughters went inside of the nail salon on 8/3/18 and one of the grand-daughters received services for her nails, her toe nails and her eyebrows. They paid for everything but the $5 for the eyebrow job because she didn’t like it. Thats when all hell broke lose and the employees persisted on beating the grandmother with sticks and pouring acetone on her. The fight went on for quite some time and the police were eventually called. There have been protest outside of the nail salon causing them to shut down shop.

Its been reported that one of the grand-daughters was since arrested and the nail salon worker that poured the acetone on the women was arrested on felony charges.

What are your thought?

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Open Space: Project Youngin | Mass Appeal