Nat Nebbin Talks New EP, His Writing Process & More [Interview]

Nat Nebbin Talks New EP, His Writing Process & More [Interview]

Getmybuzzup: Tell us a little about yourself?

Nat Nebbin: Alright, I grew up on the west coast. Everywhere from Portland Oregon, to the Bay Area of California, to outside of Vegas. My parents were divorced and had a lot of issues at the time, so I moved around a lot, ya know? I spent a few years in foster homes. After that, I lived with Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents. I got into rap at an early age and just spent most of my time listening to music and writing rhymes. It’s always been my escape from all of the B.S. going on around me.


Getmybuzzup: How did you get the rap name Nat Nebbin?

Nat Nebbin: It’s short for Nathan Nebbinski. Someone called me that one time when I was on roll and just spittin straight fire. We were all in the cypher, and the dude just started saying Nat Nebbin!, Nat Nebbin! And it just stuck.


Getmybuzzup: How long have you been in the music industry?

Nat Nebbin: I was signed to a local record label back in 02. I was so young then, and not really prepared for the business aspect of the industry. I did some mix tapes with them, and did an EP with another rapper on the label. The dude that owned the label, got into some trouble and had to shut everything down. Since then, I’ve done some things independently with a couple of other rappers I know. I got married at one point, and put my music career on hold for a while. But I’m back now and doing it bigger than ever!


Getmybuzzup: How would you describe the debut EP that you dropped earlier this month?

Nat Nebbin: Oh, it’s a straight-up banger for sure! Everybody’s lovin it! It has everything from hard-hitting tracks like “Lights Out” and “Badway”, to smooth tracks like “Makin’ Moves” and “Where’s The Party At”? It’s top-notch from the first track to the last one. I got a ton of features on this EP, with some of the most talented artists alive right now. J Nolan, Chillz Muzik, Luccidamus, Cleva Thoughts, Maya Miko, Tyler Griffin, and Aspen The Rapper. The production was done by some of the best in the bizzness. Lazy Rida Beats, Insane Beatz, Synbeatz, and a few others.


Getmybuzzup: Who are your inspirations in the music industry?

Nat Nebbin: Too many to name for sure. Ah let’s see, from Rakim and Slick Rick, all the way up to Hopsin and Snak The Ripper. Imma tell you though, I’ve always been a big fan of the Bay Area Hip Hop sound. They’ve no doubt been the biggest influence on me musically. But, I’ve been influenced by so many talented rappers over the years, you know? If I started naming them, I’d end up leaving someone out.


Getmybuzzup: How do you go about writing a song and what is your process?

Nat Nebbin: Well, the first step is to find the right beat. If I’m not feelin’ the beat, then I usually don’t really want to write to it. I listen to the beat a few times, and just listen to what it tells me. You know like, what’s the energy of the beat? Then I just start writing off that. I usually start with the hook, but not always. Sometimes I write a verse or two before I even think about the hook.


Getmybuzzup: What is the concept behind your forthcoming EP project?

Nat Nebbin: “Redemption Value” is a very clean and crisp EP.  Its vibe is more relaxed than the “Nothing To Lose” EP. I wrote a few hooks for some very talented ladies to sing, on a few of the songs. The whole EP came out sounding so smooth and very deep. It’s the type of project that isn’t as flashy as “Nothing To Lose”, but it’s so strong lyrically, that it really resonates with you for a long time, you know what I mean?

Nat Nebbin Talks New EP, His Writing Process & More [Interview]

Getmybuzzup: What are must-haves when you’re in the studio working?

Nat Nebbin: Just a big cup of ice water. That, and the mic, and I’m good to go.

Getmybuzzup: Will you be collaborating with any other artists in the future?

Nat Nebbin: Oh for sure! I’m working with J Nolan and Chillz Muzik right now, finishing up my 3rd EP called “Animal House”, that’s dropping this spring. I’m also working Maya Miko, on a collab project, that should be out late spring or early summer.


Getmybuzzup: What was the last album you listened to?

Nat Nebbin: “The Fro-Rida” by Afroman


Getmybuzzup: Who have been some of your favorite artists to work with?

Nat Nebbin: J Nolan for sure! I’m a big fan of his. Every time he puts something out, I’m straight blown away. Maya Miko is fire every time he grabs the mic for sure! Cleva Thoughts is like today’s M.C. Lyte. She’s always killin’ it with everything she does. Chillz MuZik, Tyler Griffin, and Aspen The Rapper are all top-notch talent for sure!


Getmybuzzup: What separates you from other artists? (what makes you different?)

Nat Nebbin: I’ve been influenced by over a hundred different rappers over the years easy. But, I think what makes my music so original, is that I’m doing me. I’m not trying to sound like anyone else. I’m a pretty interesting guy, with a lot of experience behind me. I think that really comes out in my music. Very original.


Getmybuzzup: If you could work with any producer, who would it be?

Nat Nebbin: Ant Banks, no doubt! He’s my favorite producer of all time. I grew up on everything he did. I would light up a Banks beat in a minute!


Getmybuzzup: What artist’s music are you currently a fan of?

Nat Nebbin: J Nolan, Hopsin, E-40, Snak The Ripper, Maya Miko, Chillz Muzik, R.A. The Rugged Man, Cleva Thoughts, Redman, Murkules, Dax, and a ton of others that I can’t even think of right now.


Getmybuzzup: What’s the name of the last book you read, and by whom?

Nat Nebbin: It’s a book called “A Thousand Suns” by Linda Johnsen. It’s a book about Vedic Astrology. It’s a good book. I’ve read it a few times over the years.


Getmybuzzup: What’s your favorite sports team(s) and why?

Nat Nebbin: The Portland Trail Blazers, and the Chicago Cubs. I grew up watching both of those teams as much as I could. I still watch when I get the chance, But I’ve been so busy lately, that I haven’t been keeping up with either team.


Getmybuzzup: What can we expect from you in the future?

Nat Nebbin: Man, I got a lot of stuff going on right now. My first EP “Nothing To Lose” is in stores and streaming everywhere right now. I’ve got the single, “M.I.D.” coming out December 21st. The single, “Keep Ya Head Up” drops January 1st, and my second EP “Redemption Value”, comes out at the end of January. My 3rd EP, “Animal House” will be out in March. I’m working with both J Nolan and Maya Miko on collab projects that will be out by summer. On top of that, I’ve got a clothing line called “Runsum Unlimited” that I’m putting out. The Runsum Unlimited brand is set to start hitting stores early spring. The shirts and the hats look dope! The jeans are in the works, but I want the designs to look just right, you know? So, I’m still working on those. Yeah man, I’m just staying crazy busy right now, and getting’ it every day!


Getmybuzzup: Where can the fans check out your music?

Nat Nebbin: You can follow me on my hyperlink page.

That connects you to my Spotify, Itunes, and everything else from there. You can also hit me up on instagram Nat_Nebbin


This has been a good interview guys. Thanks for having me here, it’s been cool. Yeah, yeah, let’s do dis!!


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Nat Nebbin Talks New EP, His Writing Process & More [Interview] Nat Nebbin Talks New EP, His Writing Process & More [Interview] Nat Nebbin Talks New EP, His Writing Process & More [Interview] Nat Nebbin Talks New EP, His Writing Process & More [Interview] Nat Nebbin Talks New EP, His Writing Process & More [Interview] Nat Nebbin Talks New EP, His Writing Process & More [Interview] Nat Nebbin Talks New EP, His Writing Process & More [Interview] Nat Nebbin Talks New EP, His Writing Process & More [Interview] Nat Nebbin Talks New EP, His Writing Process & More [Interview] Nat Nebbin Talks New EP, His Writing Process & More [Interview] Nat Nebbin Talks New EP, His Writing Process & More [Interview]

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Nat Nebbin Talks New EP, His Writing Process & More [Interview]

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