NBA Daily Show: Apr. 26 – The Starters

NBA Daily Show: Apr. 26 – The Starters

On Thursday’s episode of The Starters, the guys debate whether LeBron’s game-winner was the greatest shot of his career, if Jonas Valanciunas won Game 5 for the Raptors, and whether the Thunder’s comeback win in Game 5 was more them or more the Jazz collapsing. They also debate which team the Rockets would rather face in Round 2, OKC or Utah, and they break out a brand new edition of the Meme Team. Watch The Starters weekdays on NBATV and get more of the guys on their website:



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47 thoughts on “NBA Daily Show: Apr. 26 – The Starters

  1. Man… People really have to get off Melo's back. We all knew he was a rhythm scorer and a big shot maker before he went to OKC. How does he get into a rhythm when he's not getting the ball? Russ and PG take all the shots and Melo is not a 4. Put him back at the 3. Even if you brought him off the bench, he needs to be at the 3.

    Put him in with Felton, and watch him go TF off.

    You know… I think coming off the bench would be great for Melo. πŸ€”

  2. Shout out to Rockford! I'm sitting on the toilet right now in Rockford, Illinois! Never been to Magic Waters though. Been living here for about 7 years.

  3. (sorry, I'm not english native)
    This story of goaltending pisses me off. Whatever it is goaltending. It happened so fast and it is hard to see the ball touching the backboard even in slowmotion! Even the pacers didn't react!!!
    Referees aren't robots! They make mistakes sometimes.
    Whatever, if you double check the full game you'll find some unfair calls against the Cavs for sure!
    Anyway, the block isn't the "clutch" action in this game, there is the 3 pts after this.

    No call=no review. "In this kind of actions referees should always call sthg in case of…" some people say…
    Whaaat? Are the referees supposed to whistle every action in the last minutes… in case of?!?
    It's ridiculous, why not the last quarter? (and the game will last 4 hours then ^^)

    Anyway, this kind of mistakes happens, let's move on now!

  4. Without Gobert inside Utah turns to Jelly. That's the key. Get him dafuq out of there. It was obvious since game 1. smh billy donovan.

  5. You guys don't understand how big Friends was (and is) here in Spain, they used to put it on TV every afternoon at 4pm for almost 20 years, two r three chapters every day… people bing watched that shit way before Netflix and stuff. So it is usper popular here.