NeNe Leakes is Back, B*tches, And Better than Before | #WCW | Bravo

Relive the Real Housewives of Atlanta O.G.’s most memorable moments. Watch episodes of Woman Crush Wednesday, only on Bravo! #WCW
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#WCW: Celebrating the Amazing Women of Bravo

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NeNe Leakes is Back, B*tches, And Better than Before | #WCW | Bravo



Author: TVQueenie

I am a reality show Diva, love everything about reality shows. Enjoy watching the drama, the tears, the so called real life experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I view it as pure entertainment and would love to discuss these show with you. I also post some scripted shows I think you may like. Any suggestions for shows to post leave a message in the contact us above.

32 thoughts on “NeNe Leakes is Back, B*tches, And Better than Before | #WCW | Bravo

  1. She never was better. She gives me a headache with her loud mouth. Take her away please. I thought she was too good for housewives. Looks like her big mouth got her in trouble and she had to crawl back to pay the mortgage!

  2. So what folks are saying is that they enjoy watching a Rude, Arrogant & Ignorant woman of color stand up and talk down to people with a loud voice being obnoxious all the while making herself look foolish on national TV for a dollar bill?💸

    She is a good example to show our young women of color as how to act in public or professionally? Is this how we're setting the Tone and representing the many Beautiful and Educated Ladies in Atlanta Georgia?
    People are really okay with this Blase attitude? Wow, what is our society come to.

  3. Nene Leakes is the reason RHOA became successful. The other ladies: Kim and Kenya are just key players that have iconic moments too. However, if it weren’t for Nene who introduced many of the ladies for the first season they would had never been a RHOA. Nene put this show on the map. She’s funny, controversial, bitchy, shady, hilarious and fun. She’s up there with other housewives royalty like Bethenny from New York, Teresa from New Jersey and Lisa Vanderpump from Beverly Hills. She’s made a career just for being herself. The Atlanta cast has always been strong, but Nene has been the queen b throughout all these years. There’s a reason why she’s the highest paid of them all. Now bloop!

  4. I don't like her or Kim. The awful faces they both make 🙄 are not cute at any age!! It makes me think of teens trying to act some kinda way, but they're both old and it just needs to stop!! In my younger years way back in high school or just out of.. slapped the fuck out of a girl for making ugly faces. Nothing I would do now, but she stopped with that shit around me real fast. Come to think of it..she didn't end up spending that much time around me ever again!!

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