NeNe Leakes To Brielle Biermann “Don’t Make Me Expose Your REAL Daddy” | Tea And RECEIPTS

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is now off the air and they are currently filming for season 11 and the drama both on and off screen just doesn’t stop. Brielle Biermann who is the eldest daughter of Kim Zolciak Biermann had a fallout with NeNe Leakes last year after filming bugs in her home and then the video got circulated around the internet. Brielle and her mother said that the bugs were roaches, which was very offensive to NeNe. This started an all out brawl now referred to as #RoachGate. The once friends never seemed to recover from that.

Well since then there has been many tweets between the trio, Kim included and they have not been so nice. Well Brielle recently made a comment online regarding people being cruel to EJ Johnson and someone commented back saying that Brielle was the pot calling the kettle black after she placed the videos of the bugs inside of NeNe’s home online. Brielle mentioned that it was actually NeNe that placed the videos online. This started a while new firestorm that I do not think Brielle or Kim will be ready for. NeNe stated that she wanted their entire family to keep her name out of their mouths or she would start doing some exposing, including revealing who Brielle’s real daddy is.

Lord why did she do that? Well you know we had to investigate a bit farther. Watch the video to see what we uncovered and tell us what you think about it down below,


Author: celeboftea